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A Lesson in Passion by Jennifer Connors
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** spoiler alert ** First I have to say I really shouldnt complain as it was a free book. It was a pretty good story. I gave it 3 stars because I hated the ending. The story is about Ginny and Ian. Ginny is in her real life in our time when she gets into an accident. She is in a coma I guess, and is taken by her subconcious to a time of early highlanders. She is now living the life of a character in a romance novel she read while on a really bad vacation. The thing that really annoyed me was I read over 500 pages to get to a bad ending and finding out in the next book Ginny is now a different character in a different senario with different people in a different time. We don't get to continue with Ian and the others I met in this book. If someone knows if she did follow up with this book as a series, please let me know.

*gets off her soapbox.picks it up and walks away*

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