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Green Angel by Alice Hoffman
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Nov 30, 2011

it was amazing
Read in November, 2011

Nanette Vasquez
November 2011
Green Angel
Alice Hoffman

The book I was reading was called “Green Angel”. The main character was Green. Green had a sister named Aurora. Aurora had white hair and was as bright as the moon. Aurora would always be pinching and pulling Greens hair because she would never cry .Green had a garden and in order to get money they have to go in town to sell what they have grown.

Green never liked to stay behind when her family would go and sell what they needed to sell. One day they had to go and take the fruit and vegetable across the bridge. Green was not happy at all when she saw smoke appear from her window. She thought they would come back so she went under the table and stayed there saying when they come back I will cry.

To me the lesson should be you should be happy on where you are what you get and what you do cause you don’t know what might happen to the people you once loved. The lesson to me is that way because it is hard to love what you hate and it is hard to act like nothing ever happens. To me it is hard to say bye or not get mad when you are not going to do what you want at the moment. It is sad when your family dyes when your the won that was suppose to die with them.

The setting in my book is in a sunny perfect day at the beginning. The middle of the book it turns to be very ashy in every single place you look at. the other setting is under the table. When the fire started Green started panic and hid under the table. The other setting is in Greens family’s house. The garden takes place there and when Aurora and Green sleep.

In the beginning it all started WHEN IT HAPPENED. Tree’s burning people crying and me just sitting waiting for that door to open. Just to hear the sound of my mother and fathers voice To hear Aurora’s sweet voice while the wind blows in her hair but nothing nothing happened. I was so upset why didn’t I go what did I do that they didn’t let me go. It should have been me, not them but me .Shutting my hears to not hear the truth but its there. Opening my eye’s not hearing the fire anymore .I felt like a part of me was not there anymore. Like I’m not alive anymore. I put on a pair of my father’s old boots and put on a leather jacket. With the leather jacket she took thorns from roses and put it on the jacket. She had a lot of blood all over the place and with the old boots she put needles all over the place. She wanted to fell immortal no pain and no crying. Finding true love but having to move on finding his true destiny or finds a dog called ghost.

In the book the major turning point is when waiting for your mother, father and sister to come though a horrible fire. Imagine, Imagine it was your family going though that pain and that to me would not be cool at all. Imagine you putting thorns and needles threw your clothes how pain full that is and cutting your hair .

After all the tattoos given to yourself threw the looking glass seeing your tattoo change to green is something that would change you. Why pass threw pain for all that time. With two dogs to feed. A lover that once lived with in but not anymore. But not forget the one i loved anymore.

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