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Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
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Jun 10, 2008

it was ok
Read in July, 2008

** spoiler alert ** For the most part, I really liked this book. It was definitely an exciting page turner and I loved the descriptions of life in that period of time. I did have a few issues with the book, though. One of which is that I had a hard time caring about the protagonists. Jacob frustrated me a lot. I felt like he made stupid decision after stupid decision and he didn't care about what happened as a result as long as his precious Marlena (who was pretty devoid of personality) was protected. He barely even batted an eye when he found out that his two best friends had died pretty horrible deaths. Also, I got tired of hearing him whine about how he couldn't defend Rosie against August because he sure didn't mind standing up to August for other reasons. My favorite character in the book turned out to be Rosie. I wish I could have heard way more about her than the two main characters.

I cannot say the things that I have said about Jacob and Marlena without giving them a lot of credit for their actions towards the animals in the book. That was what did, after all, make me want those two to have a happy ending. I loved the part of the book where they both acted in moments of passion and then realized that they had an elephant and horses and a chimp and a dog to take care of.

Also, I liked Jacob a lot as an older man. He was stubborn as a mule, but still likeable. I was very happy with the way in which the book ended with him leaving for the circus again. All in all, a worthwhile book to read.

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Dawnie Are you enjoying this book hentals?

Hentyal Yea it seems pretty good so far...I'm not all that far in but so far i like what i see. It's a little tough to stomach all of the animal cruelty stuff, tho

Dawnie your review pretty much summed up how i felt about the book. it was a pretty unique story and it kept me entertained, but it wasn't exactly earth-shattering. and i totally loved jacob as an old man!

Hentyal Yea he was awesome, I hope that's what I'm like when I'm old! The whole setting of the depression-era circus and everything was so cool, too...and that's saying a lot for me since I hate the circus. Seriously my only real gripe is Marlena, haha.

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