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Blind Faith by Ben Elton
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Jun 10, 2008

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This is one of those apocalyptic novels that we all need to keep reading just to remind ourselves from time to time what can happen when humanity gets stupid. In this one, religious fanaticism, obsession with sex, and governmental control all combine to make a truly scary society. I hesitate to recommend the novel to most of my friends, because there is a lot of offensive language and blatant sex. But interestingly, these elements are not gratuitous--they are in fact essential to the plot. I cringed in places, but in my opinion, the story was worth it. If these things will bother you, read _Jacob Have I Loved_ instead.
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message 1: by Dave (new)

Dave I'm confused, is that fiction or non-fiction? Sounds very much like the current world situation to me.

Cheryl (Bored in Vernal) Yes, you will see a lot of parallels!

message 3: by G (galen) (new)

G (galen) LOVE apocalyptic novels!
will need to add this one to my list.

have you read Parable of the Sower? or The Road?
they are also both pretty dark... but if you are into reminders/warnings about the animal side of humanity when society breaks down (and causing society to break down) they are good ones.

(ha... and just for kicks, "The Gathering Storm" by Kennith Tarr... it was REALLY REALLY annoying, shallow, one-dimensional, cliche, and rather unimaginative... not LDS fiction at it's best. but it was apocalyptic, so I read it. Gerald Lund's "The Alliance" was better written... but still shallow and cheesy and cookie cutter. however, I just though I'd put them out there for ya!)

hmmm... sorry for the long comment... I really should just list these books on my bookshelf adn review them... maybe later.

thanks for the recommendation!

message 4: by G (galen) (new)

G (galen) oh yeah... steven king's The Stand was also pretty good.

okay, I'll stop now

Cheryl (Bored in Vernal) I read Parable of the Sower and The Stand. I will have to read the others--when I get back to the States I will finally have access to a library!! and I won't have to rely on just what people are willing to lend. I like Gerald Lund's writing--loved what he did with the Willie & Martin handcart company in _Fire of the Covenant_.

message 6: by G (galen) (new)

G (galen) ya know, I haven't read any of Lund's recent stuff (i.e. past 10 yrs). I stalled somewhere in the middle of the Work and the Glory series. will have to revisit him.

Cheryl (Bored in Vernal) Fire of the Covenant was faith-promoting, but WAY more nuanced than Work & the Glory. It's been a while, but as I recall, even the preface was stirring.

message 8: by G (galen) (new)

G (galen) I think that is why I finally stopped reading W&G- lack of nuance; it seemed Lund was just using the same handful of stock characters and situations and just slapping new faces and names on them.

will be interesting to read his more 'mature' work. (he's a hell of a story-teller)

btw... have you read any of is early one-book stories? (the alliance, freedom factor, one in thine hand)
those were what we were raised on growing up, along with the tennis shoes among the nephites series.

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