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Dark Secrets by Elizabeth Chandler
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Nov 30, 2011

really liked it
Read in May, 2012

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Richa these books are slightly creepy but i like them :P they're basically about some person dying before the book starts, and the main character goes back to the place the person died and tries to figure out how it happened.

Richa if you like mystery you'll like it

Richa yeah, a bit. but mostly towards the end of each story. yeah kk, i have them

Richa lol no not like sherlock holmes.. it's different but there's mystery in it. not sure how to explain :P
i know right, goodreads should have a chat thing.
3 books? whoa. which ones? i've been slogging at history :P
i might do some lit now

Richa why don't you wanna start divergent??

Richa lol i wasn't online. but the exam was really good! so much better than i expected :D

Richa hahahhaa. no, but pretty sure i'll get an A* so i'm happy with that

Richa full marks = impossible

Richa lol um for me good percentile would depend on the subject i guess. but i guess above 90 for all would be good. lol not necessarily 100%. it means you got the highest in the world. so everyone else's percentiles are made according to your score.
yeah exactly..

Richa you didn't tell me anything!

Richa hahaha yes it did :P

Richa wow haha. it's more than 500 pages? that's pretty long..
lol. well good, coz i think those are the best out of the dystopian books i've read. oh and hunger games too.
im gonna read the maze runner coz i've already downloaded all three books. what's uglies about?

message 13: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah LOL sorry, can't help it. I'm a stalker and Ippy's comments are just too hilarious XD lol Richa, read Uglies, because that is like the book that started the dystopian trend. I liked it, because it was pretty different, but i haven't been able to read the 3rd book -______- oooo and tell me how the maze runner is. sounds really good! and btw, I bought City of Bones yesterday!! :D
and Ippppyyyyyyy WHY DID U NOT LIKE PAPER TOWNS AND LOOKING FOR ALASKA?!?!?!! and if you want to check out another dystopian (to see if you'd like it) –––– Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder.

message 14: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah OH and two more: Gone by Michael Grant and The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson. The Jenna Fox one is amazing Ippy and I think you'd really like it :P it's not very dystopian per se.

message 15: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah GAH! WAIT. have no idea why i didn't suggest this one beforeeeee: The Pledge by Kimberly Derting, it's a dystopian with romance, but I LOVVEEEE THIS ONEEEE :D

message 16: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah hahahaha luv u ippyy :) and An Abundance of Katherines is quite funny. But idk if u'd like it, since u didn't like the other 3. WHY DID YOU HAVE THE READ THE FAULT IN OUR STARS BEFORE!??!!?!?! Shame on you. i warned you didn't i?? muahahaha and Richa check inbox. JK. there's nothing there. just wanted to make ippy jealous (im kidding! :P)

and would u enjoy historical novels?? cause there are some amazing ones. Like some with paranormal mixed in as well. I know you don't like paranormal, but these are AMAZING. (paranormal in it marked with **)

1. A Great and Terrible Beauty**
2. The Vespertine**
3. Nobody's Princess by Esther Friesner
4. The Luxe
5. Bright Young Things
6. The Girl in the Steel Corset** (somewhat. not really paranormal, more steampunk)
7.Clockwork Angel!!! BUT READ THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS as well :D
8. Prophecy of the Sisters**
9. Legacy by Kayla Cluver
10. Princess of the Midnight Ball** (somewhat)
11. Grave Mercy** (BUT OH MY GOD, LOVED THIS ONEE!!!)

thats all i can think of for now :) but yeah i know u hate paranormal, but please check these out!! :D

Richa OMG why do you guys type so much!! now i gotta reply from the first comment..
ippy- yes i will read the maze runner this week probably and let you guys know how it is. and im gonna rewatch all 10 seasons of friends during the summer, and i'm gonna start watching merlin :)

rabiah- OMG yay XD can't wait for you to read all of them again :D
i just realized, the only books of TMI and TID left to come out are the final ones in the series :O

oh and ippy, read clockwork angel!! not sure if you'll like the mortal instruments much, but you could try that too

message 18: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah historical = meaning it's set in the past. and lol romance makes everything more interesting. :P and YES, READ CLOCKWORK ANGEL! It's not about angels don't worry :P

Richa hahahahahahaha ippy XD

message 20: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah LOL now im reading Surrender by Elana Johnson and The Peculiars by Maureen Doyle McQuerry...both dystopians XD LOL and read An Abundance of Katherines if you want to. I liked it, but idk if you will...wait did i say this before?? :/

Richa wow ippy i actually did not understand your previous comment at all!
okay okay i'll watch it. after i get new earphones, hate these apple ones, they hurt my ears :P

Richa um yeah we're totally soul mates ippy..
and i don't understand you like 50% of the time, i just pretend to :P

Richa hahaha. so dramatic ippy.
nah i'm not an optimist :P and i would say half empty i guess, like if someone gives me a glass of coke and the coke only fills up half the glass, i'll say it's half empty, get me another one. okay i'm not sure if that made sense or not. oh well.
whoaa 3 dances?? good luck. i'm guessing confuzzled is your new favourite word

message 24: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah ...okay wow lol XD and ouch ippy...gud luck!!! :D and answering ur comment WAYYY BACK THEN---Surrender is book 2, and The Peculiars is actually historical fantasy. so yeah :P not paranormal, but fantasy :P but im liking it so far :)

Richa yes. exactly. i'm happy you got it. and yeah you are overanalyzing it :P
no ippy, that's never gonna become a thing. sorry. and we already have an ippy. it's all 7s in a report :D like if someone got all 7s we'd be like 'omg you got an ippy!'
haha how did you guess.. me and rabiah are from the future. DON'T TELL ANYONE!!

Richa sorry *rabiah and I

message 27: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah HAHAHA SO TRUE ABOUT THE WHOLE 7s thing XD lol. i think ive actually said that to someone once :P and yupp, ippy, keep our secret will ya??

Richa wait you never told us you're a robot!
yeah but i have this thing where i have to correct people so it makes sense that i should correct myself too.
today.. i will probably start revenge.
hahahah yeah it does.
lol. haven't got shoes yet. i'll probably get them this week.
we're getting 13 inch, the same one i have. which is so annoying!

message 29: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah I know right?? GAH. I don't want another laptop -___- but anyhoo. and yeah, I got these awesome $10 shoes :D so i'm happy. and plus i got a new dress. wohoo! WHICH REMINDS ME. Richa you'd better post the pic up. and tell Rhea to as well.

and of course ippy told us she's a robot. It's popped up in an earlier convo. i'm pretty sure.

and I wanna start revenge! it actually looks good :)

ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS! I wanna read that one so badly. Hey ippy, how did u find the statistical probability?? cause i want to read that one next. and Shine is amazing...i think you'll like it.

message 30: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah Oh, I already own the book. so yeah, will be getting to it soon :P and glad to see Revenge is good. If Ippy likes it, I'm pretty sure it's bound to be good. Btw, Ippy how is Water for Elephants?? I saw you read that one, and i own it, so I'm wondering if it's good...I liked the movie :)

and of course, ippy's a pirate. OMG a robot pirate :D

Richa hahah that's so cool, a robot pirate XD
yeah ippy, i'll finish it. i can't stop a show in the middle unless i really don't like it (eg Glee)

*Richa. hah see, i corrected you. i'll probably start maze runner this weekend if i can. i tried looking for abundance of katherines, but the site where i usually download from doesn't have it, and the links i tried on google don't work either :/

oh and rabiah, be patient, i'll put it up before lunch :P

message 32: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah YAY! Lol and i managed to get through Glee. The third season was pretty good actually. AND U'D BETTER PUT IT UP!!!!! >:P

Richa how do you know, i dont think i told you the website :P
hahaha you had to return it in 3 hours?
okay cool i'll read it too. if i find it in the library that is.
OMG rabiah read TFiOS!!
oh and guys check you gapps, we're supposed to read 'quality books' during the break. i looked at the reading list on studywiz and picked a few

message 34: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah oh wow. Okay, welll I'm glad to say I've read a couple on there :P what are your choices Richa??
and I know, but I READ PRINT BOOKS. if not eGalleys. Because I really wanna read a physical book for TFiOS, because it sounds awesome and I totally wanna own a copy :P

message 35: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah Umm...Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier...and then idk. mayb i'll reread To Kill a Mockingbird and then i dunno :P I'll see. Maybe the time-traveler's wife.

Richa yep i'm re-reading the time traveler's wife and to kill a mockingbird. and i'm also gonna read a clockwork orange, never let me go, a thousand splendid suns and the life of pi

message 37: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah ALL OF THESE ACTUALLY SOUND GOOD. I might read a bunch of them and then decide :P and since India really only has the "old books" -____- i'll go see if i can buy someee. anywayyyy. watcha reading guys?? (i mean now...not for the assignment)

Richa yeah i liked the kite runner. is the life of pi good?
lol yeah i might read more as well :P i just finished under the never sky today, and i'm gonna start the maze runner. what about you guys?

Richa okay that book sounds extremely weird :P
omg i know right i hate books with terrible writing, i feel like laughing at the words and phrasing!
holy crap, you had a lot of time! my mom's making me do HOUSEWORK. and COOK. it's terrible! I prefer exams to this torture anyday..

what's forbidden? and awaken?
LOL 6 hours?! hardcore, ippy. when's the performance?

omg dude revenge is amazing!! i'm completely hooked on it. i started yesterday and i just finished episode 10. i got so pissed when the real emily (aka amanda aka kara) told jack she was really amanda!!

Richa haha um i dont actually remember getting attracted to you at all :P
oh cool good luck! :D
LOL that's exactly like the mortal instruments!! except they find out they're not actually siblings so everyone's happy.
kk i'll read the blurb and let you know.

gahh i hate cooking. i keep coughing when my mom puts onions and masala and stuff into the pan but she makes me stand there and help -.-
um okay then. well at least i wont have to cook

message 41: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah DUDE RICHAAAA...omg i told u and emma about Forbidden in English class XD and wow Ippy, the time between us isn't released yet :P cools. I still have saving june for review and how was Amy & Roger's Epic Detour??? and I wanted to read You Against Me, it looked okay, but now im gonna be skeptical about it :P and MAZE RUNNER!! TELL ME HOW IT IS!!! and Mortal Instruments ftw forever. DUDE BEST BOOKS EVER. Probably. But it is on the list of my top ten favorites :D

and DONT TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS IN REVENGEEEEEEE!!!! I wanna watch it so badly :/ and gud luck ippster!!

message 42: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah oh and Richa, how was Under the Never Sky?? I'm probably gonna go out one day and buy it. Or maybe just order it. But you know what i mean. ANYWAY, how was it?? :P

message 43: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah Erm... okay. this is so hard, but I've tried to really narrow it down. and it's in no particular order :P oh and im obviously gonna leave out Harry Potter because that goes without saying :P

1. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare
2. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
4. The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica by James A. Owen
5. -------I honestly don't know. this spot could be filled by so many: The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini, The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray, The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares. I don't know... too many to consider -__-

gah. i can't choose. obviously, i have commitment issues.

message 44: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah Oh my god. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott. I CAN"T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!!! I <3 u all equally :'( and there's me, officially breaking down.

Richa omg you guys now i have to read all of this..
ippy - i'm doing housework coz my mom's making me, it's so annoying! and for the movie, it's on friday, in the afternoon, but we're still arguing about which movie :P i'll let you know when we decide. we're having a vote, so pick either men in black 3, snow white, dark shadows or madagascar 3.

okay did you sign up for the collection? you have to sign up before wednesday coz that's when your training is. they are in the new middle school library, in the new block. not sure where exactly it is..
lol ippy, obviously you bring your laptop to the training :P

rabiah- lol sorry i didnt remember :P i started the maze runner today, but i barely had time to read at all. so i'm like on the first chapter so i cant say anything about it yet :P
and watch revenge this summer! it's really good :D

okay lol i dont think it's possible to choose my top 5 books

Richa oh and ippy do you want a planner next year? i texted you but you never replied :O

message 47: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah nope. i think my sister might have. but idk sounds really gud, and have heard many gud things about it :) and I still need to finish Graffiti Moon!!!! -_________- <-----whale.

Richa nope i haven't read it.. btw movie confirmed, mib3. apparently it's really funny so yeah

Richa you guys in?

message 50: by Rabiah (new) - added it

Rabiah obviously yes. i was gonna come anyway :P

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