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Unquiet Dreams by Mark Del Franco
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If the following paragraphs sound familiar, it is because I copied some from my review of the first book in the series, Unshapely Things. This second Conner Grey murder mystery follows the same plot pattern set in the first mystery, except the story is even more dramatic and graphic.

‘Unquiet Dream’, the second novel in the six-book Connor Grey series, was a fun read! A genre bender, it’s a murder mystery series set in a fantasy alternative universe with humans, fairies, elves, dwarves and trolls. There also are the cutest little things called flits - who rarely are larger than a foot tall. But they carry swords, and they are not to be messed with.

Hundreds of years ago an unexpected convergence of universes occurred which destroyed the world of the fey. Reluctantly, they live among humans now in neighborhoods in big cities. Each type of fey has a different set of magical abilities. The fey are monitored by The Ward Guild which is governed by Queen Maeve, High Queen at Tara in Ireland. Anywhere fey are concentrated there is a guildhouse. A diplomatic corp as well as a police force work out of each local guildhouse.

Connor Grey is an ex-guildhouse police detective, once a powerful young druid with a high profile in society and the media. Now he collects disability at age forty and lives in poverty in a cheap apartment. He lost a struggle with an environmentalist elf at a nuclear reactor. The elf had a power ring which somehow bottled up most of Grey’s druid abilities. To supplement his disability checks, he works as an amateur detective. He partners often with human Detective Lieutenant Leo Murdock of the Boston Police Department.

Most of Grey’s previous friends dropped him after the power ring incident, but a flit, Stinkwort, continues to help him. Sometimes. If Grey has oreo cookies in his kitchen. Grey doesn’t eat oreos, but he makes certain to stock them anyway. Flits for some unknown reason will attach to someone or a family, regardless of cookies, but Grey kinda likes the flit. Grey also has a powerful druid friend, Briallen verch Gwyll ab Gwyll, who once was his teacher. She is beautiful, and very old, so her druid powers, based on her personal essence, are enormous.

The druids often find themselves playing the peacemakers between the elves and the fairies, who hate each other. However, in this novel, the druids are working against each other as well as the against the fairies and elves. The murder of a respected elf has completely roiled the Boston Guildhouse politically. Since the dead elf, Alvud Kruge, was a famous Boston Guild council member who was internationally prestigious and important, the entire community is shocked. His death also means there is an empty chair on the Guildhouse council. A troll was also murdered with Kruge, both of their bodies discovered in the worst part of the Weird, the fey district of Boston, called the Tangle. Plus a human gangbanger’s body was found a few blocks away. He was wearing the colors of a gang known to be selling powerful drugs. The Guild are not convinced all of these murders are connected.

When Connor examines the dead boy’s body, a human, Connor’s nose tells him the murdered troll’s blood is on the kid’s shoe. Because the kid is human, his murder is Murdock’s case, which is also why Connor is there on the case. But the Guild refuses to believe Kruge’s murder would be in any way involved with human drug dealers. Prejudice of the fey against humans, and especially against a druid who has lost his powers, is extreme.

But Connor is unexpectedly appointed to the Guild Council as a temporary replacement for his good friend Briallen, a Guild councilor, who was called away and unable to help elect the replacement for Kruge! Connor uses his new position to snoop around the Guild’s records, as well as sneaking into the investigation of Kruge’s murder.

It isn’t long until Connor has druids, elves, fairies, trolls AND the gangs all trying to stop him from finding out what is really going on! Plus, omg, Conner’s semi-alcoholic ne’er-do-well brother suddenly turns up....

The story is a little slow in the beginning, but the world-building is interesting, for the first few chapters. As the plot unfolds, the pace of the mystery picks up until at the last chapter the crisis is literally one which might change the world! (view spoiler)

This is a fun beach read.

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