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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling
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Jun 10, 2008

did not like it
Recommended for: be tossed in a garbage heap and set aflame
Read in July, 2007

** spoiler alert ** I waited 9 years for Rowling to do the right thing and kill off the Christ Figure, you know, like the *professional* writers do. Don't get me wrong, Harry was my favorite character--brave, deeply loyal, naturally talented--all wonderful qualities not meant for this foul Earth. I wanted him to die in his prime, to be celebrated in song, like all the great heros before him. Alas...

Rowling didn't write so much a novel, as she did a Hollywood screenplay! Complete with lame wincing juvenile lines like the one uttered by Molly Weasley to Bellatrix LeStrange in the Battle for Hogwarts, "Not my daughter, you BITCH!" A line meant to draw applause, cheers, and laughter from a bunch of teenagers in a darkened movie theater, not a line that would have been used by the prim and proper mother, Molly Weasley, that we grew to know and love in books 1-6.

The book could have been better edited as there were long stretches of BORING reading throughout. It's as if Rowling just ran out of creative juices in the end and chose to let her fans write the final book for her. She inserted "PotterWatch" as a nod to the PotterCasters(PotterCast and MuggleCast), and she wrote in a nude scene for Harry Potter, as a nod to Daniel Radcliffe's nude stint in Equus. The whole *camping out in the forest waiting for something to happen* part was NOT something I expected after Book 6, when it was shown with such great care how Voldemort had hidden the locket horcrux. I can't believe they are making 2 films out of this, the crappiest book in the series!

Oh, and that Epilogue, where to begin? If Rowling sent out apology letters to all her fans for writing it, that still wouldn't be enough of an atonement! The woman should be tarred, feathered, drawn, and quartered for that criminally putrid Epilogue! The visual of a middle aged Harry Potter waiting at the train station to get to his 9 to 5 job was the let-down of the century. I loved Harry because he was special and because of his aura of destiny! I loved that, despite his emotionally abusive childhood, he chose to become a decent human being, instead of following Tom Riddle's path of evil and bitterness! I loved that, when presented with a challenge, he almost always chose to do the right and moral thing, over what was easy.

I didn't want to see him become a regular, boring adult, with a lame, humdrum life, he was too talented, too moral, too heroic for all of that mundane crap!
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Karen Oh, I don't know... I can see Mrs. Weasley saying something like that to Bellatrix LeStrange.

Devin I think that the reason for the "Not my daughter you BITCH" was to intensify the battle scene and to shock the reader; which it did perfectly.
We know that it's not in Molly's character to say that, which gives us a feel for a the intensity of the situation. In a book where JK never swears (and, in fact, tries to steer quite clear of swearing throughout the series) the line exemplifies the anger and passion and fear and loathing that could not be expressed, I don't think, in any other way to be as effective.

Furthermore, while when I first read the epilogue I too thought it was a bit mundane for Harry Potter and a bit lovey-dovey compared to the rest of the series, but now I understand in a way that Rowling was giving Harry something that he never had but something that he always wanted; and that's normalcy. The whole series Ron was jealous of Harry's fame, while at the same time Harry was jealous of Ron's happy family; in the mirror of Erised, all he saw was being reunited with his family, unlike Ron who saw something much less mundane: himself being Head Boy etc.

So while Ron strived to be famous and successful, Harry strived to move away from fame and success. The ending was a perfect ending for Harry, who finally got a family and finally got to enjoy being, as much as a wizard can be, normal.

Christine Schulze Devin wrote: "I think that the reason for the "Not my daughter you BITCH" was to intensify the battle scene and to shock the reader; which it did perfectly.
We know that it's not in Molly's character to say tha..."

I agree. At first, I too found the epilogue disappointing. I suppose we all expected a rather epic end. But upon re-reading, it really does fit. It really does show, as you said, how the storm is finally over, peace has come, and now Harry can just live his life. And I think it fits well in that light.

Joeybhsec Schweitzer "The woman should be tarred, feathered, drawn, and quartered for that criminally putrid Epilogue!"

You have to be kidding me. That is a really terrible thing to say. It's like you are saying she committed a crime.

message 6: by Kit (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kit I think Molly's line "Not my daughter you BITCH" was perfect. It showed how much tension and anxiety had built up in that intensely maternal woman. She's already seen almost all of her family dead because of that bogart, and the last thing she wants is for Bellatrix to kill any of them, especially Ginny, who is her only daughter. I think that one moment showed just how truly human Molly Weasley is and how much she loves her family. Besides, she'd already lost a son. Wouldn't that make you want to swear and kill somebody? Also, why are you complaining about the line and not that she suddenly becomes so bloodthirsty? That's frightening more than anything else.

Although I do agree with you that certain parts of books seven were too long and boring and Hermione was kind of a pansy, which was irritating.

Overall, I don't think it's my favorite of the series, but it has so many great moments, like Snape's chapter that I can't help but love it. And I still have a huge amount of respect for J.K. Rowling. I agree with Joey that it is a terrible thing to ask for her to be drawn and quartered for the epilogue. That's crossing the line.

message 7: by Kam (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kam your whole review is based on individual taste. Just because you have bad taste, doesnt mean you can trash the greatest book of all time.

The Winter Rose @ Kay - WOW. Just wow. I hope to god you are joking because if not I am going to spend the next 10 minutes laughing myself silly at your arrogance.

Adam van der Zwan YOU'RE a bitch.

message 10: by Frances (new)

Frances King I'm sorry Adriana, but nobody really cares that you want to kill and torture J.K. Rowling and burn the Harry Potter books. And you must be a pretty miserable person to even say such a thing. Okay, so I respect your opinion! Honestly, I do. I just don't respect you trashing her hard work. She spent what? two years writing this book, which millions of people enjoyed, and a couple hundred thousand disagreed with.

Unfortunately, it's not at all up to you to determine what the right way to end the series is. Considering she came up with the concept and plot, it's up to, not you, but HER (the author) to determine the ending. And the Epilogue? People would've been FURIOUS if she hadn't said what the future held for the characters everyone has been following around for more then ten years. /Who's gonna marry who?/ The Epilogue was absolutely necessary. Too cheesy? Too bad. What was she supposed to say? "And then they all got hit by the Hogwarts Express and died."

Thank you.

message 11: by Lily (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lily wow your not actually arguing any point here, your just getting angry, which is stupid. You know that J.K. Rowling was abused by her portugese husband? saying youd like to tar and feather her is pretty childish and really bitchy. When Rowling wrote these books she was so pour her family was getting help from the gov, she wrote little pieces of this book in a cafe in portugal from bits of dreams and her imagination...just because the book didnt end the way you wanted it to doesnt mean you can throw the mother of all tantrums and burn it....u know its one of the most burned and banned books in the world? not because people hate it, its because they are scared of the way it makes them feel, they are scared to face death and wizardry, they are scared to face harry

message 12: by Somerandom (new)

Somerandom The line, "Not my daughter you bitch!" actually got more applause from Mums than teenagers! At least in my movie viewing.
It's really Molly being sort of primal and very protective. Also heartbroken that her son is dead and that her daughter might die. This is all exemplified in that one little line. Yeah, it's childish, I admit, but it got the job done. Plus, seeing someone attack your kid, it makes sense that she would go in there and whoop some ass! Wouldn't you?

Also, yeah, the epilogue is cliche and cheesy, but after hating it at first. I agree completely with the ending. It gives Harry all he ever wanted and ties up the series, really. The book is filled with cliches, actually. That love is the most powerful love of all, is so cliche, we hear it in our Fairy Tales.

I think that people have such this negative reaction to cliches that they overlook the fact that some cliches, whilst rather cheesy, are still pretty solid. Love being the most powerful thing of all is still a very good message to teach children.

message 13: by [deleted user] (last edited Apr 25, 2013 02:30AM) (new)

"he was too talented, too moral, too heroic for all of that mundane crap!"

Do you think that 'talented, moral and heroic' people, with courage and integrity, are not those you see walking on the street beside you and heading to work every day? Do you think morality is the preserve of famous people or fantasy heroes? There's plenty of integrity in living a normal, fulfilling life.

The whole point of the series was that the capacity for courage and doing the right thing is present in everyone; it's the people, like Voldemort, that consciously and repeatedly choose hatred over love who corrode their characters.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

I don't know, I think that it's better that she didn't kill of Harry...

message 15: by kat (new) - rated it 5 stars

kat Not. True. At. All. End. Of. Story.

Richard This business about insulting someone before you kill them reminds me of Han Solo and Greedo in the the cantina. Greedo gets himself blasted on account of his chattiness.

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