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Unleash the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Nov 29, 2011

really liked it

Reviewed by cfmomLisa

*Warning: possible spoilers ahead.*

Technically this book is a Were-Hunter story not a Dark Hunter story. That’s okay. I kind of throw them all in the pot together too and love the heady brew that creates. This particular story is about a Tigard (a tiger/leopard mix) living in Sanctuary named Wren. He’s been briefly mentioned in previous books, the most prevalent being when he stopped Stefan from going after Vane in Night Play. Wren’s impressive strength was noted at that time, but not much else is mentioned about him other than he’s a quiet loner. And he is. At least until he meets Maggie Goudeau.

Marguerite Goudeau is the only child of a prominent Senator, and has always lived her life to please her father. Never really happy with the choices he has made for her, she often feels like she’s living a life that should be belong to someone else. Her social circle consists of rich kids with a feeling of entitlement and Maggie never feels completely comfortable in her presence. She misses her one decent friend, Nick Gautier. It’s been months since he went missing and Maggie still feels the loss of his friendship keenly. As a way to honor the memory of Nick, Maggie and several of her study group friends decide to go to Sanctuary and have a drink only to have an altercation break out between the guys in her group and Wren – the quiet busboy.

After being thrown out of Sanctuary, Maggie returns to apologize for getting Wren in trouble. Wren is unexplainably drawn to Maggie, a first for him. Maggie feels the draw to him as well. Their adventure truly begins when Maggie is mugged and almost killed walking home. Wren feels she is in danger and saves her. From there they both feel as if their lives are somehow intertwined, although neither of them can explain the strong attraction. Slowly, they get to know each other and trust each other. Wren lets his guard down around Maggie and wants to feel the comfort of just being with her. She doesn’t fear him, or hate him, or want to kill him – all things he’s come to expect from life. When Maggie learns of Wren’s animal self, she adjusts quickly and doesn’t turn away from him. Instead she takes care of him, protects him, and guards him with her own life.

Wren has always believed that he killed his own parents when he was young. A lie told to him by those in his own family that wanted the wealth and power that was Wren’s to inherit. Being a mixed breed – both tiger and leopard – he is one of a kind among the Weres, and given a wide berth due to the fear that he’s inherited the animal insanity of their kind. He has no family to turn to for help or comfort, no one to ask for advice, no one to lean on when he feels lost or alone. Until Maggie. With Maggie’s help Wren goes back in time to learn the truth of how his parents were killed, and why his parents hated him so much.

The trip to the past is full of surprises and healing, and even brings about a twist that allows Maggie to be more a part of Wren’s world. The build up is fantastic, and the ending leaves the reader with satisfaction that even when the Fates don’t cooperate true love can win out in the end. I love this series, and Wren and Maggie’s story is well worth every single moment.

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