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Once Upon A Sure Thing by Lauren Blakely
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really liked it
Recommended for: Lauren Blakely Fans, Romance

4.5 Six Years In The Making Stars
* * * *1/2 Spoiler Free
What is it about Best Friends...Especially if they are the opposite sex...Billy Crystal said in When Harry Met Sally...basically all men look at women and think about doing them...That sex is never off the table...But when a man is friends with a woman with no Bang Bang...It seems that this relationship becomes so special, both will do whatever is necessary to hold on to it...Even deny the possibility of being attracted to each other.

This is the predicament our two best friends find themselves in...Miller is best friends with Ally.
They met over six years ago and somehow it was decided they should be friends...after all they both have a sense of humor that answers each others sentences...They both are singers but couldn't sing together if their lives depended on it...And they both adore Ally's niece who Ally has taken on as her own daughter.

Ally is a voice actor for audio books. Due to her clear clean voice, she has specialized in doing Young Adult books. She also had a YouTube channel where she sang with her brother. The channel added to her income providing all the extras she loved giving her niece. Now her brother has found His One and the couple are moving away. Ally is happy for them but unfortunately, this leaves Ally without the extra income the YouTube channel provided.

Miller has been living like a man with a lot of time on his hands. He is basically happy; he has taken the time to help a young boy through the Big Brothers organization. They have become very close, like real brothers. The kid is now getting ready for college and has become talented with a camera. Miller still has a bit of a hole in his hearty, though.

you see, singing with his brothers on stage was EVERYTHING.
Music flows through Miller.. it is his life's blood. It is what keeps his heart beating and his mind thriving. Campbell has known this and suggested Miller think about venturing on a new tract...to think about singing as a duo...singing with a woman.

Miller shares this idea with Ally and she gets a twinge...This could be something she could do...She just needs to figure out a way to show Miller she had the right sound.

Ally's Smart mind comes up with a smart way to make it all happen...and then reality sets in...
All Miller can think about while singing with this New Ally is how hot she is and how much he wants to kiss her...Ally is having her own desires...Leaning into the man who has always been there for him, feeling his hard body next to hers while hitting those sultry notes is making her need new panties.

What to do...Their musical chemistry is off the charts...Their sexual chemistry is equally hot...What will happen with their oh-so-important best friendship...That is the predicament.

These two were very cute. They were cute on their own and together.

Ally cared for her niece as if she was her mom and hoped the niece felt as loved and secure as she deserved. The little girl had lost her mom in an awful accident so the scars were still something to deal with. Risking the solid relationship she had with Miller would impact her niece. It made Ally wary of pursuing anything real with Miller. Miller on the other hand wanted all in with Ally. After the shock worn off that his long dormant feelings for Ally had finally surfaced....with a chance of taking hold, he wanted All In.

There was a real sweetness to this entry. Both of the main characters were people who were able to find joy in almost everything. The sexy times came and they had their own special chemistry.

All of the family ties are part of this book. You feel all the love and camaraderie between all of them; the brothers, the girlfriends and the kids.

The next entry will be Once Upon a Wild Fling (Heartbreakers #3), Miles' story.

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~~~~~ Before Reading ~~~~~

Best Friends-Check
Always there When in Need-Check
Even Willing to do the Icky... A Plus One-Check

So What's the Problem...
Well, when these two start working together in a band...
It is just chords and lyrics flying about...

It isn't just Heavy Attraction and Sparking Chemistry that is their Perfect Harmony...
What will be the end result...
Maybe a new tune titled...

Once Upon a Sure Thing (Heartbreakers #2)- September 24th 2018

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KAS Fantabulous review, Wendy ;) Glad you enjoyed, my dear!! 😘❤️

Wendy'sThoughts KAS wrote: "Fantabulous review, Wendy ;) Glad you enjoyed, my dear!! 😘❤️"

This was such a delight! Thanks KAS and happy weekend!

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