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A Sound Among the Trees by Susan Meissner
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I'm a big fan of Susan Meissner's contemporary fiction (not so much of a fan of her historical fiction) but I found it very, very hard to stay connected with this story. The main problem is that the focus of the novel is the house, not the characters living in the house during the present day (although they had interesting back-stories that would have been fun to explore more deeply) and the possibility that there were ghosts or curses attached to it. I have to give Meissner credit for attacking such a controversial topic in a novel geared for the Christian market but I felt that she didn't make it "real" enough to capture our attention (and again, that may have been deliberate to be able to market this book to Christians). I finally gave up about half-way through and wished that I was reading more about family dysfunction and whether or not this second marriage could survive, house or not house.

It probably didn't help that I read "The Lost Quilter" immediately before reading this book and Jennifer Chiaverni's emotional writing about the Civil War and slavery in general was much more powerful and real to me. Made "The Sound Among the Trees" seem trite and shallow.
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