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The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen
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Jun 09, 2008

it was ok

Josey is a 27 year old that lives with her mother and likes eating sweets in her closet and reading romantic books. At a diner, she meets a waitress, Della, who becomes her fairy godmother and agrees on her closet getaway. When she finds love, Della decides to move on! Fictional!!
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Jacqui It appears that you may not have read the book (at least thoroughly)...Josey meets Della in her closet, not a diner....and that changes the whole story. Yes, it's fictional....but since it's fiction....there's a whole lot more in this book than what you describe here.

Marilu " At a diner, she meets a waitress, Della, who becomes her fairy godmother and agrees on her closet getaway"

They did not meet at a diner. agrees on a closet getaway?? Ummmmm.....I just finished this and as far as I remember Josey did not agree to having her there!
I must ask.....did you even read this book?

Keri This is a little ridiculous... It's as if you skimmed the blurb on the back and decided to write a review to ward people off a book you haven't read. As for the comment of it being fictional, um yes, you are correct on that one. Why would the fact that it's a fictional novel be a bad thing? If you're not a fan of fiction you should probably stay away from that section of the bookstore and/or library. I sincerely hope that your "review" of this fantastic book hasn't kept anyone from reading it.

Elyse Mcculloch What are you talking about?

Marlana Shears Try reading the book next time!

Annette I REALLY like the author's work and found that the twist at the end of Sugar Queen made the book for me, I loved the Della character. I would highly recommend this book!

Tina The book doesn't point out exactly where they met, but Josey knew who Della was before she saw her in the closet. Josey asked "Della Lee Baker, what are you doing in my closet?" This would indicate that the characters had met previously. The book also mentioned that most locals knew who Della Lee was from the diner.

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