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Finding the Lost by Shannon K. Butcher
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Bare with me on this one... It's finals week and thoughts are all over the place...

This is book two in the Sentinel Wars series where Theronai Paul finds his lady/lifeline, Andra. Andra doesn't know she is a Theronai and in fact we find out more about that bloodline. Andra has been fighting the Synestryns and rescuing the children they have been kidnapping. Much like the first book we find that Andra has only three days to come to terms with her new found heritage and choose to be with Paul for the rest of their lives before the Luceria solidifies into a solid color.

In book one we find out that the Theronai along with the other races are dying but the Theronai a lot faster than the others. Theronai women are rare as they were all killed but two. Theronai men are walking energy balls with no outlet resulting in their having to live in constant pain and their souls to burn out. Theronai women find their life partner and in turn absorb/release their man's energy/power. Together they fight the Synestryn, evil creatures who feed on everything and love destruction. In Burning Alive (book 1), we met Paul at Helen's welcoming ceremony. Paul was compatible with Helen and he lashed out at Drake for not telling Helen the truth about the fact that she could have picked any man who was compatible with her. Paul felt like Drake was being selfish and didn't give Helen a chance to save someone else.

In this book, Finding the Lost, Paul finds his life partner Andra. The irony is that Paul nearly forces his will on Andra in order to make her his... kind of a raping of the will if you will. Andra didn't think she could have forever with someone. Her priorities were other ones besides a relationship. She also felt like a failure because of some of the battles she had fought and lost with the Synestryn. Because of this she keeps rejecting Paul. I get that Theronai men are all a bit desperate at this point but it was hard to see this huge shift in Paul's thoughts and how he handled the situation especially after he brought on the big to do with Drake.

I found it harder to buy into Paul and Andra's love. Heck I found it hard to buy into Andra. I kept picturing her as one butchy heroine and I just couldn't get comfortable with her at all...
She definitely took this whole new world in stride and that was cool. She also told Gilda off a bit which was even better because Gilda needs to be checked sometimes.

I think one of the things I likes most about this book was that we get introduced to Nikka, Andra's sister. Nikka was attacked by Synestryn and her blood was tasted by them. Nikka lives a very tortured life because she has a symbiotic relationship with these vile creatures. Nikka is in an asylum but is probably the most informed and sane person of all these people now. She can see and feel the Synestryn, knowing their every move and she is a bit psychic as well.

Right from the start this book didn't disappoint in that from the first page you found action. REALLY do love this about this author. She doesn't build up, she throws you in head first. I like how more and more unfolds but I have to say that something is definitely irking me... The author leaves huge cliffhangers and doesn't wrap them up. This is only the second book so I will take this all back if she proves me wrong BUT she left big cliffhangers in book one and now in this book too and I'm left with too many questions and way confused.

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I don't know... I just think way to many questions were left unanswered in this book and with the third book focusing on Zach and Lexie, which I know will open a whole bunch of other cans of worms, I just don't see how the author will wrap up all these other loose ends.

Alas, I will go on to the next one because if nothing else...I'm hooked and definitely want to see where this all leads.

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