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Sunrise Over Disney by L.N. Smith
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Nov 28, 2011

really liked it
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Read in March, 2012 — I own a copy

L.N. Smith is a brilliant mind with a wise talent for writing. I wish that society had more folks that think like he does. Smith's wonderful ability to take something as popular as almost sacred to Americana as Disney, and apply his insightful observations about life and where were are headed as well as where we came from within the framework is quite impressive. Sadly, as a dearly departed mate of mine once expressed, we live in an "American Hologram" and sadly those "citizens" clog up the gene pool wen it comes to junctions where intellect and wisdom comes into play. If only we could apply more chlorine (laughs).

From reading Smith's other work, I understand were he is coming from and appreciate is view. I can see the casual reader having difficulty with this work and style, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. We shouldn't have to continue to dumb down life and material so it is open to all. Gods forbid, people actually learn and grow in their intellect. I have lived all over the world, and in some areas, felt refreshed from the intellectual stimulus and vibe that exists. Other areas, (sadly all on the West Coast of the US thus far) have proven to be like living in a bad science experiment that has been dropped on the lab floor. Any criticism of the lack of neuron-fucntion is met with a fast label of being "too demanding", "too closed minded", "too judgmental", etc. All I offer are statistics, recidivism rates, news casts, Faux News Fans, and NASCAR as my defense.

Sunrise Over Disney (brilliant title by the way) is a grand exploration into storytelling with a nice reflective message. I feel that Sunrise is more developed than his other work Redesign of Tomorowland. In Sunrise, Smith seems more at ease with himself and his storyline. The descriptions of his family are heartfelt and very realistic, down to some of the subtle emotions related to family harmony and discord. I think all of us have had an idyllic place from our childhood like Disney, that when we revisit it now as older and wiser beings, we see less of the magic and more of the "cold facts". Without tipping my identity too much, I had a career at one time that put me behind the scenes of Disneyland, but in the dark corners that were never a part of Walt's vision. I criminally investigated more than a handful of "Disneyphiles", both employed by the Magic Kingdom, as well as patrons...regular patrons...everyday patrons...watching kids, NOT watching them. Sad considering the crack security police force that Disneyland has, they were more interested in preventing press, and not criminal assaults on minors. For this, there is karma.

It was a true pleasure traveling with Smith and his family on their adventures in Disney world. I learned a lot about the trivia behind the workings that I was not previously aware of, and for the self titled "Master of Useless Trivia", that is a big accomplishment (wink). Smith's research is well done and well documented indeed. I love how the story illustrates how there is always a line between fantasy and reality. Tinkerbell flying all about is a wonderful bit of magic, and sometimes, just sometimes, even though we know the wires are there, it is nice to NOT SEE them. In this troubled world, we need Smith's philosophy and outlook. We need to dream, and know that dreamers of today and yesteryear all share the same hopes. May it inspire our future generations to dream and dream boldly.

Sadly, the notion of family is an eroding concept in today's society. So many are from broken homes, no homes, piss-poor homes, etc. that we cling to the notion of the ideal family. A family with all of its bumps and bruises, is still much better than a toxic one or none at all. It was an honour to travel with Smith's family in this fine book. It was so enjoyable in fact, that last night after submitting this initial review, I re-read the book from cover to cover. I am in a spot and place in life, where the absence of my family is being felt more and more. To stow away with Smith's family was nice solace from reality...much like Disney-world. Funny how life imitates art like that.

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