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Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary
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Nov 28, 2011

really liked it

1. { Genre }: Junior > Other > Realistic Fiction

2. { Summary }: With her father going to college and her mother working, Ramona, age 8, has much to adapt and live up to.

3a. { Area for comment }: Message of Family, Food

3b. { Critique }: 
I particularly adore the message that Cleary sends in this title - family. 

3c. { Critique Example }:
When I was 8, the only thing I could remember was the boy who wouldn’t stop playing with my hair in class and my fascination with barbies of whom I made homes for on my shelves. I was no where as near as perceptive or willing as Ramona in terms of living up to my age. The support that is exemplified in this title is powerful and even when things go south. I specifically loved the moment in which Ramona’s father dropped everything and said that they should go out and enjoy a meal together. Even though it wasn’t a fancy restaurant, in which they couldn’t afford, it was the concept that money didn’t matter when moments are worth cherishing. Even if they had to struggle to make ends meat, it was the strength of family that kept them together.

Another note that I would like to make is Clearly‘ emphasis on food in this title especially the connection between food and family. It seems that is when we really see the true value of family and when they all physically sit down and eat. No matter how scattered their lives are, Ramon’s family still takes the time to prepare a proper meal, sit down, eat and talk. So, although this may be the modern day family in which one parent is in school pursuing a new career and the other is working, they still make time and purpose in traditional family dinners. 

4. { Curriculum Connection }:
This title would be a great character title for Grades 2 to 3 students to relate and look up to. I support any title that helps children look into their lives and value those near and dear to them. Although, I’m sure there are plenty titles that do this, Cleary does a fine job interlacing the modern day and traditional family. In addition, a good title to inspire children to learn how to cook at home or at least participate in meal preparation and conversation.

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