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The Most Beautiful Walk in the World by John Baxter
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Nov 28, 2011

really liked it

This book has everything I love--reminiscing about beautiful places and memoirs--funny and interesting bits about history, the arts, culture, geography, food and so forth. The author, John Baxter, is actually an Australian who married a French woman, Marie-Do and right away, you learn John is the one who is the chef in the family. His wife waited till they were safely married and had a child on the way to reveal the deep dark secret of her family---none of them can cook worth spit! They rely on prepared meals bought at the local charcuterie and superb local bakeries. Of course, this is France so it will still all taste amazing! The author has an American friend who runs a retreat for wannabes writers who come to Paris so soak up the rich cultural and literary atmosphere which, in theory will help them to became great writers. Part of their course is to take walks around Paris with a guide who will say things like "and here, Hemingway and Fitzgerald found their inspiration to write....". The problem is that the person they hired to do those tours is about as interesting as watching paint dry so John is enlisted on the spot to take on those tours and here we come to those famous walks and interesting tidbits! It's all fabulous till we come to some famous artists whose life and preferences were less, much much less than stellar and I didn't appreciate knowing how debased they were. Also included is a small replica of one of their..uh...pieces of "art". It is but an unfortunate blip on an otherwise very interesting book. So I would skip chapter 28 "The last of Montparnasse" and chapter 29 "The fuzz on the peach". You'll only miss 15 pages and do yourself a favor.

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message 1: by Miri (new) - added it

Miri I have this written down in the little notebook I take with me when I'm at bookstores, so I can keep track of the books I want to check out.

Nathalie S Ooo, I need such a little notebook!

message 3: by Miri (new) - added it

Miri It's super helpful. I hate texting on the phone I have now, and it's much easier to get out actual paper and pen and write things down. Target had a 3-pack of mini notebooks with pretty designs on them (the Eiffel Tower on one, Big Ben on another, and the Empire State Building on the third) and I just stuck them all in my purse, each with a different purpose. It's a great system for me. :)

message 4: by Elisabeth (new) - added it

Elisabeth P. I have a little notebook in my purse too, and it has lots of misc notes in it. Very helpful! The book looks like a good one too!

Nathalie S I definitely need me such a book. I love the ones you got from Target. Wonder is ours carries them.

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