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Jar of Hearts by Jennifer Hillier
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May 29, 2018

it was amazing

I tore through this book in three days. I’m actually feeling a loss now that it’s over. I don’t even know what book to read next because I’m afraid it’ll pale in comparison to Jar of Hearts. It’s a lot to live up to.

I read Creep by Hillier and have Freak in my TBR pile which I sadly have not had a chance to get to. I thoroughly enjoyed Creep, obviously, since I immediately bought Freak right after I finished it. But Jar of Hearts is different. It’s like no other thriller I’ve read. The protagonist, Geo, is someone I both sympathized with and hated. I don’t think I’ve felt this weird opposing intensity about a protagonist in a long time, maybe ever.

The POV also switches over to Kaiser Brody, the cop investigating the murders and Geo’s former best friend. He’s much more sympathetic (and has his flaws too) but compared to the diabolically complicated Geo, he’s practically vanilla. He does propel the plot forward, however.

This isn’t what I would call a serial killer novel either. I really don’t read those too often so perhaps this is what every serial killer novel is like, I don’t know. If so, then I need to read more of them. What this book is about is Geo and what she did and how she dealt with what she did. Sure, there are murders and a serial killer is out there but that’s not what made me turn the pages and stay up way too late, swearing I’d just read one more chapter.

It was about the characters and the way we can be so cruel to one another, sometimes on purpose and sometimes without realizing it. People do abhorrent things and yet, if they are generally good people who love their family and go through life without harming anyone else, then does that still make them a terrible person? Geo knew what she did was horribly wrong and had no problem serving out her sentence, yet does that mean she should only be known for this one horrific crime? Of course, that’s how most people will know her and that’s what we do as a society. We judge based on actions.

I truly sympathized with Geo and then Hillier would throw in twist after twist that made me hate her. But that’s how people are. We’re complicated, flawed, and sometimes make terrible mistakes. That’s what this book is about and that’s why I absolutely loved it.
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