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Boomsday by Christopher Buckley
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Jun 09, 2008

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Two words come to mind as I read this, fast and glib. I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. It read like a tasty drink of mostly empty calories, but it did taste great. Has all the makings of a movie that will make the right person's career, just a question of who right now in Hollywood could play the roles of Cassandra (Leslie Bibb) and Senator Jepperson (Robert Downey, Jr.), because if you get the right sexual chemistry between them, you could really have something there (oh wait, they did that already).

Anyway, I inhaled this book because it was so fun to read and I was sorry to see it end. Realizing that this is not a great book, just a very entertaining one, it does however deal with a very real social issue. That it does so on a Jonathan Swift-esque "Let's all eat our children" kind of way does tend to diminish the problem, and of course Buckley tends to take the arguments against baby boomers to illogical extremes. Although some of the attitudes and arguments he poses against what he calls the "ungreatest generation" are finding a louder voice lately and probably rightfully so. I was at a work conference lately and someone stood and said that if he could "broom the room" of his baby boomers and hire nothing but "millenials" at one third the price, he'd get better performance from his crew. I think that Christopher Buckley would tend to agree, at least in the context of this novel.

So, as I read it, I kept thinking that this book was sort of an Anti-humanist Vonnegut rant (twisted, I know), a Jonathan Swift illogical extreme argument, a fast paced movie script complete with soundtrack by REM & U2, with a dash of Firesign Theater's "Radio Now" for flavor.

But if the book does touch on something interesting it is the fact that bloggers and a new way to campaign are reaching out to an under-30 crowd and making a real impact in the way that we choose our leaders, something that we are seeing play out in the national debate right before our eyes. When we see candidates ignore the internet at their own peril, when we see the grassroots and the viral marketing that is going on in the campaigns for President, the kind of unprecedented reach that the world wide web allows for the various messages coming out of the political camps that was really unheard of before becomes revealed. That a candidate like Ron Paul can continue "money bombing" his way into the public consciousness by embracing this new technology, that fans of Barack Obama can put up you-tube videos promoting their candidate or opposing John McCain really shows some of the new directions that politics is heading towards. And the candidates who did not embrace the new ways are instead left behind handing out endorsements.

Anyway, the book is a great summer read and it will make you think about the future of our country, in between all the smart-allecky lines and clever comebacks. Enjoy!!!
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