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Don't Hold Back by Renee Dominick
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it was amazing

Jenna had an opportunity to convince her best friend Chloe hot brother finally hook up. Finish the night Jenna had started eight years ago. Rob has been too uptight, too stubborn, to admit that the sexual tension between them needed to be relieved. Chloe was getting married to Dave and invited her entire bridal to a weekend getaway at a luxury dude ranch. Jenna had introduced Chloe and Dave. Rob was convinced Jenna was a villain from the dark side come to corrupt the Lindgrens, he had even told that Jenna to her face once. As much time as Jenna had spent at the Lindgrens house during H S- she was sixteen the first time Jenna showed up at Chloe’s- and then college breaks Jenna had been subjected to Rob;s scowls hundreds of times. Rob’s lips had been Jenna kryptonite from day one. The odds of Jenna ending up with Rob weren’t good. If someone asked Jenna to describe in one word it would be “Impossible”. Rob hadn’t taken many vacations in four years not on his assistant professor salary. Rob had a secret, he was about to be offered tenure and he had some significant life choices to consider not least of he would be relocating to the southeast. But the unspoken rule was to settle down and marry the right kind of girl. Rob had been dating those right kind of girls for the last four years and they left him uninspired. If only Rob hadn’t been exposed to Jenna who was not the right kind of girl. Jenna looked different but Rob bet underneath she was still the same - fearless when she should be cautious, insouciant when she should be serious and passionate when cool calculation would serve better. Jenna’s mother and brother were trying to draw her into their battle via text but thankfully Rob had distracted her even if she had reacted like a kid. Jenna didn’t talk to her mother for weeks at a time but the day Jenna leaves town her mother sends her an urgent message for Jenna to speak to Stephan her younger brother to do something. Stephan was eighteen and didn’t need Jenna to protect him from their parent anymore. Jenna’s father had been the Ponzi scheming father who had conned millions from investors and then fled the country leaving his family without a penny except for the ridiculous house they had lived in. When they had to sell the house their mom- never the most stable or nurturing parent to begin with- went off the deep end. Jenna had lost it to and went wild enough to earn part of her reputation and she milked as self destructive as it was. Stephan woke her up. He needed someone , anyone, so Jenna stepped in to fill the gap. Now Stephan was mere weeks from graduation and jenna sometimes felt like she was the sole reason he’d made it. Rob had a passion for horses that Jenna never understood,Rob had spent his H S summers working at a horse therapy ranch , helping kids on the autism spectrum and teaching emotionally troubled foster kids to care for the ranches horses and dogs. Jenna had her dream job as a digital video editor at Talos, a tech-centric philanthropic organization. She worked on their endangered species film projects. Rob told Jenna they needed to talk. Jenna could never resist the urge to pet Rob’s fur backwards, if for no other reason than to see the outward signs of emotion he kept ;locked under that shell of his. Rob and Jenna were as different as hot tea and ice cream. Rob- Mr. Perfect and Jenna _ The Wild One. Everything about Jenna was out of Rob’s comfort zone . Rob thought what if he could take a step beyond his borders and what if he immersed himself in the effect Jenna had on him. Then he could decide to take tenure or not then she wouldn’t be handing over him, like an unexplored avenue. Maybe Rob was making Jenna crazy. He looked at Jenna like she was a luscious eclair he wanted to devour. Jenna said to herself one drama-free weekend was all she asked for. Her mother left a message for Jenna at the front desk and had even called Chloe’s parents. When Jenna went back to her cabin her roommate was with someone and the only place Jenna could think to go was Rob’s room . Rob answered the door and then gave her a hard kiss in the hall then they went into Rob’s room. Then finally the last night Jenna and rob spend the night having awesome sex but they lived nine hundred miles apart. Nothing about their respective circumstances had changed. Rob was still staid and steady, loving family, a career in academia and Jenna was an artsy tech-nerd with a problematic parent, a brother who needed her , and a job she loved.
I loved this story. It was a fun,easy, quick read and I loved it. I loved how Rob finally gave into his desire for Jenna after she had given up on him. I loved Rob and Jenna together. I loved how close to Jenna Chloe was and how she always had jenna back even at the ranch. I absolutely loved the ending. I had no problem with my attention and I didn’t want to put this down. I happily couldn’t find anything to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

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