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Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley
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Nov 27, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from January 17 to 18, 2012

Update 9/10/13
Fabulous!! I have become a big audiobook person lately because real life is crazy and I desperately need my romance fixes!! This audiobook and narrator were spectacular, her voice totally nailed all the crazy personalities...it was SO MUCH FUN!! The story already is one of my favorites, then add the voice of the narrator and it makes the colorful characters and story even more enjoyable.

5+++ STARS -- A non-stop, wild ride! Mystery Man was the land of BADASSES and the testosterone was overflowing everywhere, I would be surprised after reading this that I don't have hair on my chest. The story had an explosive romance and tons of action plus MAJOR BONUS! another gentle and perfect epilogue. I could see this one on the big screen - heck I could see many of KA books as movies.

Hawk, the hero, was Gwen's mystery man and she had been his booty call for a year and a half. He had said like 3 words to her at a restaurant, I think they were"Are you coming?" After that he would just show up in her bed give her lots of "O's" coupled with wild romps and then be gone in the morning. Gwen struggled with her conscience and this pattern, but in the end gave in to it even though this submissive behavior was so far from Gwen's spunky personality. Then Gwen is threatened and dragged into a big mess because of her trashy sister's illegal actions. Gwen marches into a biker shop that houses a very dangerous biker gang to find out where her sister is. She catches the eye of the gang leader who is HOT! then is interrogated by a police detective who is HOT! and then her midnight mystery man shows up (who is HOT!) to scold her. Once Hawk opens his mouth to tell her she has just created a big mess she decides she doesn't like his high handedness and they are over...he shouldn't have opened his mouth. Hawk laughs at her, loves the attitude that she gives him and realizes how much he has missed out of over the pass year and a half with not getting to know her. Such parody, it was hysterical.

Hawk was killer, beyond arrogant, I mean if there was a scale from 1 to 10 he would be like 100 and I mean arrogant not just confident. Enter Gwen, Hawk's perfect match, she didn't take his crap (except for the the first year and a half when he didn't open his mouth, at least for talking) At the beginning because Gwen had many other potential leading men, I wasn't even sure I wanted her with Hawk, but as the story progressed there was no questions. I actually think of all of KA alpha men that I have met so far Hawk would be their leader. Mystery Man also had so many other lovable characters from family to friends, a couple a different climaxes, some heart pounders, some heartbreakers--loved them all. I can't wait to read my next Kristen Ashley book!
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Sara  ~Sphunky~ I'm anxious to hear your review/how you liked this one. I'm still reading The Gamble, but I bought a lot of Ashley's backlist, including this one.

Splage It is very exciting! 1/3 of the way and there are 3 HOT!! guys to choose from, like the dating game!

Katie Is this the one where he's kind of a nameless booty call? I've been contemplating this one for a while but have had reservations because she keeps doing him and doesn't even know his name for quite a while.

Splage OOOOh Yeah! So far it is great

Baba  This was lots of fun too! :))

Karla OMG Splage...fabulous!! I am going to read this next, after that review, how can I not?!

Splage I think I might start taking commando lessons after this one! No villain could best the hero Hawk. He was like MacGyver, all Hawk needed was a paper clip to rule the world.

There were some characters from her Rock Chick series, but you didn't really need to know their story to figure out they were Badasses too. Lee from Rock Chick (#1) was up there with Hawk for Badass of the century, I think I need to reread that book!

KatLynne Splage - Fantastic Review!

I so agree with you -- Hawk would certainly be the leader of the badass club!:-)

Karla Splage wrote: "I think I might start taking commando lessons after this one! No villain could best the hero Hawk. He was like MacGyver, all Hawk needed was a paper clip to rule the world.

There were some chara..."

A paperclip...love it and I loved MacGyver! LOL!

Baba  This book is definitely filled with HOT badass guys! Great review, Splage! Can't wait to read Mitch and Kane's stories. I'm sure their stories will be HOT too! :))

Katie So, was this one better than Sweet Dreams? That is my ultimate fave KA book.

Splage No not better, as good but in a different way. MM was much more action pack with emotional situations where I felt SD was more emotionally packed with action. Not sure if that make sense. Check it out and see what you think and let me know.

Katie Totally know what you're saying... This one's on my short list.

Kristen Fantastic review, Splage! Can't wait to read this one.

Splage Oh it was so good- I hope you love it! Just started Three Wishes, I think it is going to be good.

Michelle [Helen Geek] Yep! Loved this one too.

Nikki Awesome book. AWE-some review!

Searock LOVE, love the review, Splage! Mystery Man is the shizzle for sure!

Michele ~ la Smoocherina This looks so good.

Karla Woohoo...I'm running over to grab this on audio!! Thanks for the heads up on this one Splage!

Dorsey aka ❤️ Wrath Lover Reviews  ❤️ OMG!!!! KA Audio!!! GOT.TO.HAVE.!!! Thanks Splage...Awesome review!!!!

Rafaela Moreira I´m listening now and I´m just loving and laughing so hard.This narrator is spectacular!!!!

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