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Another very good read by Kristen Ashley. It couldn't top Sweet Dreams, but that is a tall order for me. Also The Gamble had no connection to SD except that in SD the town of Gnaw Bone was mentioned, therefore there was no effect reading them out of order.

Kristen Ashley has a style I love. I love the in charge alpha, no game playing, knows what he wants, says what he wants, takes what he wants...Okay he is also a gorgeous, masculine, mountain of a man, with crude talk that shocks you and then melts your insides. You also get your moneys worth with her books. They are very long, with lots of action, lots and lots of characters and even though there is one large plot, mystery, romance there are so many subplots, secondary romances and connections. So from what I have read from Kristen Ashley so far this is her format and this is what I love in a book!

It is hard for me not to compare The Gamble and Sweet Dreams (Sweet Dreams being epitome), but I am going to try. The story drew me in immediately, I love how KA starts her books with a bang. Max and Nina come together in hilarious explosion of a way. She is in a "timeout" in her current life and rents a gorgeous A frame in a secluded Colorado town called Gnaw Bone. After a long travel to get there, she is exhausted and ready for her new adventure, but is greeted by an unfriendly, gorgeous, and emotionally untouchable Max. Max realizes there is a mix up and that his friend Slim accidently rented his house when he is in residence. Max's response is basically I don't care, I am here, there is a hotel in town. At first Nina is calm and then her inner feisty, logical, take no prisoner tongue lashing surfaces. Awesome! and she has many other tirade moments throughout the book that were priceless. Even though I live for KA's heroes I find that her heroines are perfect matches to keep them in place and satisfied.

There were a ton of wonderful, interesting, well developed characters that both the H&h touched in immense ways. There is a mystery and a couple of bad villains and although the mystery and action were good, not quickly solved an tidied up, they weren't the central focus, but placed in small amounts throughout the book. Another plus for me. I did feel there were a few holes that I would have liked to go a little deeper with, (view spoiler)

My absolute favorite part of this book was The Epilogue (thanks Karla for giving me the anticipation of its coming). It is rich, long and beyond satisfying.

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Karla Was Max not the master of "dirty talk", he just didn't shut up and I loved him for it!

Splage Of the 3 books I have read by KA all of have a very similar hero and I love that type! He mastered sexy, sincere, and pissed use of the "F" word.

Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter I like that: Kristen Ashley has a style I love. I love the in charge alpha, no game playing, knows what he wants, says what he wants, takes what he wants...
Great review, Splage!

Rebecca I agree..great review. I am fairly new to KA books. I read Sweet Dreams...twice..and then instantly bought 8 more of her books. I just finished The Gamble, which was my second read. I really liked it..and Max. I am so hooked!

Splage Thanks Rebecca. I just finished #3 Lady Luck and loved, loved it!

Karla Another standout review Splage! My thoughts exactly, except you put it into words so much better that I could ever dream to do. I agree with you on all of the things you pointed out in the spoiler too! That epilogue painted such a sweet picture in my head, that I"m still thinking about it!

KatLynne Love this review Splage and your view on their "horizontal mambo" is perfect:-)

Splage Thanks KatLynne. I just read the little teaser for The Law Man, looks so good too.

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KatLynne Can hardly wait for this one Splage:-) I loved him in MM.

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