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American Gods by Neil Gaiman
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it was amazing
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Read 3 times. Last read January 1, 2002.

Anybody who tells you that the book is about old and new gods, or about a man named Shadow, or about coin tricks, or about having one's head smashed in for losing a game of checkers, is selling you a line, because those are just details, not the story itself.

Much like any Neil Gaiman story, the devil is in the details, and you just have to resolve yourself to coming along for the ride or you'll miss it. It's not one story, or two, it's many, and it's all complete...and you have to just read it, and enjoy it, and accept it. Or just don't bother.

I might as well sell you a violin as sell this book to you, or pluck a synopsis of it from behind your ear and then deposit it in my hand, only to have it turn into a critical review while your attention is elsewhere. But I won't, you'll just have to find the magic yourself.
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Elizabeth I love this way of thinking about this book! The story is what you see from the corner of your eye-ish.

Jenn This is exactly what I love about Gaiman's books! You hit the nail on the head...or the hammer on the head...

Mollie "...and you have to just read it, and enjoy it, and accept it. Or just don't bother. "

I think that is the case with most books. The author has a story to tell, and it is THEIR story to tell.

Bondama I particularly enjoyed this review of one of my all-time favorite books. Gaiman IS magick, and David catches the essence of an impossible-to-describe work of literature.

I, too particularly enjoyed the violin reference -- I ended my own review with an admonishment to READ THIS BOOK!

Bobscopatz Agreed this is a great review.

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

This is exactly how I feel about this book!

Frank Having just finished the book, I planned to write a review. It seems however, that you've already written the review I wished to write, better than I ever could.

message 8: by Camille (new) - added it

Camille This review is helping me through the book. Now I understamd where my focus should be! Thank you :]

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

I couldn't agree more. I love the way he tells stories.

message 10: by Ben (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ben Wow, Spot on!!! That is why I have always enjoyed Neil Gaiman's story's, especially in the comic book world.

message 11: by Alf (new) - rated it 5 stars

Alf Holten Best review I have EVER read :-)

Christina Phillips a review worthy of the book. well done!

Zarmina Awesome review!

Alexia Bartling I could not have said it better than this myself - I have recommended this book to multiple friends some simply "do not get it" and others find the magic within the lines that I appreciate and enjoy. Thanks for the review.

Boris Budeck I didn't get it... ;)

Jerry I either have to read the book and enjoy it, or not bother reading it? But how can I know if I'll enjoy it unless I read it, and then if I don't enjoy it I can't bother to not read it, since I've already read... umm.. never mind.

Karthik That is a fantastic review. I never really realised it, but you're right, the devil is in the details.

Sonja Trbojevic Great review. Where does Baldur come into this?

Rachel Davis Cool review, love the allusions to the text but you don't make it sound like an inside joke no on else can get.

Tracy Murphy Excellent review. Sums it up pretty much!

Kerlip Bintang I'm about to stop reading this book. Coz I don't much interested to coint tricks and any kind of detail america things. But after read your review, I think I won't give up to this book.

Christopher haha.. this review is so relevant to the story!

message 23: by Kayla (new) - added it

Kayla Recommended this book to my boyfriend because of this review. Now he is into it. :) sweet.

message 24: by Mark (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mark James Trying to describe this book with words is ironically pointless. Perfect review.

Geoff Hill Great review.

The author has a story, and it is theirs to tell, but each reader also has a story to read, and interpret as they will.

That's why they call it creativity, the author creates something, which then takes on a life of its own in the interpretive minds of us readers.

Lynette Airey Great review! You should write books. :)

Matthew Mason This. All of this^

Matthew Hart Well said.

Jessica Casey I really enjoyed your review. It is very well written and goes much deeper into the book to the hidden truth.

Ravindu When i first heard the book is about old gods and new gods, i decided it wasn't a book i would like to read, but after reading your review i decided to buy it and read few chapters now i can say(i'm in chapter 14) your review(especially 1st part) just made my day by pointing me toward such a great book! Thanks!

message 31: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Havn't read it, but now I have too !

message 32: by Adam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Adam Hall This book is a nice comparison of modern ideology. Interesting read!

message 33: by Brad (new) - rated it 2 stars

Brad Schoenfeld It's a great idea the execution was just awful...

message 34: by Dan (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dan agreed!

Andrew Kasten There's no magic to this book. It's drivel and dreck. What's the point of this nauseating narrative? It's a rhetorical question; not looking for an answer. Gaiman's other works are significantly better reads.

Chris I agree this book is about the ride. He takes you on quite a trip but wow! Hang in there.

Arlene I just couldn't finish it... You're right, I choose "don't bother"... Know of any good historical fiction ? Other than the classics ... I need another book

Arlene I just couldn't finish it... You're right, I choose "don't bother"... Know of any good historical fiction ? Other than the classics ... I need another book

message 39: by Boscbo (new)

Boscbo Dude. Spoiler alert!

Nicole Tester Most accurate review by far

message 41: by Victoria (new) - added it

Victoria Struggling to hang in with this one but will give it another go today!

Ollie Galasyuk This sums up the book so perfectly. I was looking for a great review to explain it to my friend, and this is what I sent her!!!

message 43: by David (new)

David Johann It is a journey that I found intriguing

orphansparrow Eeeexactly. :D

Christine Great review

Sk888888 Pretty much!

Andrew Maynard Tedious. I wish I hadn't bothered.

Colin Schindler Well said man!

Drusilla Healey I do concur.

Morgan Freed Worst book. Horrible. Shadow-Boring. Oh my wife is dead ok, oh gods..ok.
Serously horrible book.

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