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Waking Storms by Sarah  Porter
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Nov 27, 2011

really liked it
Read in August, 2012

This book was much better than the first one. Less morbidness, less annoying whiny mermaids, and more magic and romance. And the FBI? So cool! The FBI are trying to find out what it really causing all the sinking ships, and discover the mermaids, so they think Dorian is lying about how he got back to shore. Luce starts seeing Dorian, and things get romantic. Luca also meet a mermaid from ancient Greece who tells her the history of mermaids. So it you’re still not sure if you want to give this series a try after reading the first book, just know that the sequel is so much better. So many revelations and events that change everything.
I felt the FBI stuff made the story feel more modern and interesting. They think that Dorian is under the influence of mermaid-mind control or something. He doesn’t want to betray Luce by telling them everything. He also hopes (later on when Luce tells him everything) that she can become human again.
I really enjoyed this one, even if I had my doubts at first. This mermaid tale is really turning out to be a very unique one. Can’t wait to see how it all ends.
Cover Art Review: The mermaid on this cover is so weird looking. It looks like she has short hair and an ugly face. Looks like a boy. And the tail is awful. I like the bubbles and shiny metallic title. And metallic inside cover.

~Haley G

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