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The Battle Over Britain by Simon Brading
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really liked it
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Brading has done it. I've been converted to the steampunk world. This book was:
Bloody marvellous! Bloody, bloody marvellous!
And while that quote was really out of context, it does sum up my feelings rather well. Seriously, British steampunk alt-WWII - who would've thought?
Gwen Stone loved flying so much; the freedom she felt was incomparable to anything she ever felt on the ground.
Gwen Stone, a twenty-something pilot, takes to the air like a bird. Everything she does centers around flying...that is until she tanks her career with the British Royal Aviator Corps (RAC).

Ever since she was young , she's worked with planes. Tinkering here, modifying there... so when she gets her own standard issue plane, she couldn't help making a few teeny-tiny changes to improve her flight.

When her team is ambushed, she manages to make it out alive thanks to her illegal mods. But after a mandatory investigation, her higher-ups are aware of her adjustments and disciplinary actions are around the corner.

No matter how much Gwen pleads, her reasoning falls on deaf ears:
That was a risk I was willing to take and it ended up saving my life...Why not let each pilot modify their aircraft how they want? We could save so many lives!
Just when it looks like she will lose her flying rights completely...the Misfit Squadron catch wind of her.
The squadron was a legend, a myth almost, like Father Winter, or the Dark Scythesman.
Soon Gwen is swept up into the world of high flying and hijinks - only to realize that there is something far more sinister just beyond the horizon.

I really enjoyed this one! Brading was fantastic at drawing the audience in. What a wonderfully informative (and inventive) steampunk A WII!

The characters were just the right kind of kooky - they were all unique but not overbearingly so.

The steampunk gadgets were awesome - so many times it feels like steampunk has gadgets to have gadgets - just fluff stuff to make the plot seem more whimsical.

Brading had just the right blend between practical (i.e. really complex watches designed for pilots) and fanciful gadgets (I loved the overly complicated bathroom that poor Gwen suffered through).

The only thing that threw me off a smidge was that Gwen was nearly perfect. I would've liked to see her suffer a bit more. (but then again, I'm a masochist when it comes to my characters - I love to watch them struggle and overcome insurmountable odds).

Overall, I cannot wait to read the next one.

With many thanks to the author for a free copy in exchange for an honest review

P.s. Shout out to the author's dad who designed the cover - how cool is that?!

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Happy Reading!
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message 1: by Simon (new) - added it

Simon Brading Hey! It was my idea in the first place! ;-)
I'm hopeless at photoshop so I gave him a badger, some RAF badges, told him what needed writing, then set him free!
My dad did a few of my covers, actually. He did the one for The Pirate's Heir for example.

Miranda Reads This is the cutest father-son bonding story I have ever heard!! I love it :D

message 3: by Simon (new) - added it

Simon Brading Hehe, thank you!

Adrian Hey Simon, why's it still expensive here in the UK ??
PS love the Badger badge

Miranda Reads Ahh, sorry! I think it's a US-only sale?

message 6: by Simon (new) - added it

Simon Brading Adrian wrote: "Hey Simon, why's it still expensive here in the UK ??
PS love the Badger badge"

thank you, Adrian! I'll tell my dad! ;-)

It's only on sale in the US this week. Next week, from 29th June - 6th July it goes on sale in the UK for 99p!

message 8: by Fuzaila (new)

Fuzaila Wow

Adrian Woo hoo. Thanks Simon, and big respect to your dad

message 10: by Simon (new) - added it

Simon Brading Adrian wrote: "Woo hoo. Thanks Simon, and big respect to your dad"
Cheers Adrian!

message 11: by Brecht (new) - added it

Brecht Denijs I'm sadly assuming this is a digital release only?

Miranda Reads Actually, there's a printed and a kindle version :)

Link: https://www.amazon.com/Battle-Over-Br...

message 13: by Brecht (new) - added it

Brecht Denijs Awesome, thanks Miranda!

Adrian Right I must start this now, I do like Simon’s writing. Great review Miranda 👍

Miranda Reads Awesome to find another Simon fan :) Thank you!

Adrian No probs Miranda :)

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