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Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis
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Mindy This is why I love goodreads. When I’m sitting here feeling like I am the only girl on earth who wasn’t in love with this book I can find reviews like this that justify everything I thought about it!

Brianna Graham Mindy, same! I came to the reviews because I was baffled at the 4 stars and hype this book has when I loathed 99.999% of it!

Tasha I felt like she couldn’t see the hypocrisy in what she was preaching. So flipping annoying

Maddie Could not agree more with all you ladies 😂

Joelle Folkwein Same here girls 🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏿🙌🏾

message 6: by Karey (new)

Karey allen Thanks for this review. I have been thinking of reading this book bc so many people have recommended it, but
1. The title is annoyingly condescending
2. I listened to one episode of her podcast and kind of hated her

Kristi Amen to this thread. This girl is full of herself and just wanted a way to let everyone know how awesome she is.

Mckenna Clarke Couldn’t agree more!

Kelly Anderson I couldn't make it through the introduction. If you are going to proclaim to be a Christian, don't also preach an "it's all about me" gospel. I found the intro incredibly contradicting and self righteous. So unfortunate because she has a large platform to really speak some depth into the world. This fell short.

Maddie Good point, Kelly!

message 11: by Megan (new)

Megan Mancino I’m glad I came here to see other reviews. This book was so awful that I did something I haven’t done in years...abandon a book 40 pages in! She was incredibly condescending in her tone, repeatedly contradicted herself, and had some very distorted/disturbing views on life to be posing as a “life coach”.

Janina Nicola My issue grew when she throws the dumb challenge of having sex everyday during the month of September; no excuses, blah, blah, blah. I really find hard to understand what message is this person trying to send!

Janina Nicola If I follow the advice on this book, I will end up being the annoying, narcissistic and uptight person I never want to become!

Ashley All of this.

Bethany Word for word what I've been thinking about this book. Everyone kept recommending it to me...I should've known to come to goodreads first

message 16: by Emily (new) - rated it 1 star

Emily As a white Christian, not the wealthy part, I found this book appalling.

Amanda Robinson I'm about halfway through this book and I completely agree! I feel I need to finish it since I've come this far, but I can't help but roll my eyes every other word.

Heather Gufrey Agreeeeeeed

Nikki As a conservative, middle class, white Christian woman, I totally agree with your assessment.

message 20: by Becky (new)

Becky Thank you for helping me decide to NOT read this book.

message 21: by Annie (new) - rated it 1 star

Annie I felt the EXACT same way. It bothered me so much - I wrote her a letter about it. But shocking - no response. This book drove me nuts!

message 22: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Brown Well said!

message 23: by Katie (new) - rated it 1 star

Katie I’m white, grew up wealthy, and Christian...and I still hated this book. She is awful and completely unqualified to be giving advice to anyone. There’s no evidence in the book that she actually did the hard work of getting mentally healthy and strong. She seems to have just learned the buzzwords and gotten good at making herself APPEAR perfectly imperfect.

Michel Cook Agreed. Hands down! Thanks for your review.

message 25: by Souni (new) - rated it 1 star

Souni I felt exactly the same reading this! It made me feel so much worse instead of the positive push I was looking for. I would not give this to read to my worse enemy.

message 26: by Laura (new)

Laura I was mildly amused by her humor and positivity until I read the awful preachy dieting advice. I successfully chunked this in the DNF pile. It's not as bad as "Love Warrior".

message 27: by Rian (new)

Rian DeChiara Who is year of yes by??

message 28: by Michael (new)

Michael Farmer This is a book about a women who has never faced any challenges she didn't imagine in her own head. Gadsby was written with out the letter E. This book could be written with only the letters I,M,E.

Me, me, me, I, I, me, me

There is 1 type of person who will appreciate this book, a narcissist.

For example She wasn't happy her husband wasn't asking her for sex, so they talked about it, they decided the ultimate goal was to make sure she had an orgasm. The whole point of sex was she has at least 1 orgasm. If she doesn't have an orgasm then it was a failure and a mistake.

I mean huh? Can we all agree he has a sane girl on the side is only with her because she is crazy and is cheaper and safer to just stay married.

Iraickza I should had read these reviews b4 requesting this audiobook; I dont get why it's become so popular. Faith reads, "bubbly-airheadedness" definately not 4 me. Initially, I thought I was weird 4 not thinking it was funny how she kept mentioning her urinary incontinence issue.... But then.... All the "Im so fantastic and have so many followers..." .... I never heard of u! Get over yourself!! Next!!

message 30: by Meg (new) - rated it 5 stars

Meg Ahrenberg The LV bag is beside the point. Its not about what she chose as her thing its about the lesson and drive and persistence it took her to get to that reward, which could be anything. Just my two cents :)

Elyse Stephanie Couldn’t agree more. There are nuggets of wisdom, but nothing earth shattering or original.

P.s. Girl needs to check her privilege :)

message 32: by Maike (new) - rated it 1 star

Maike Pulver I have to agree. It is a long list of things she has done, accomplished and she is good at (great for you), while somewhat mentioning some short comings and areas of improvement. But it is mainly what reads like a 15 years old journal... I skipped through it, after reading a few pages. But it is just more about her... her this and that... i have to agree with all above mentioned comments on privilege as well. Not a fan of the book. It’s been promoted better than it can hold.

Alisha Agreed. Couldn’t even finish was THAT bad.

message 34: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle Sadly, i wasted over an hour of my life listening to her self-centered book & annoying voice! Wasted my free audiobook on....this.

Didn't finish, will not and am deleting, making space for something better.

Please explain the hype! Talk to me when you've been through some REAL PROBLEMS.

Cannot relate to her

Maggie Yup...exactly what you said. This whole book was one continuous eye roll for me. It was totally unrelatable. I still cannot understand why so many people raved about it. All I can say is she's a "media mogul" (her words...repeatedly...I had never heard of her or her website) so all she had to do was drop a name and she had carte blanche to write whatever her little heart desired. This is a book for people who only want to pretend to improve...cuz her advice is not worth much.

message 36: by Gabrielle (new)

Gabrielle Maggie! Well said!

message 37: by Sophie (new)

Sophie Thank you for helping me avoid this book. I was on the fence, but religious propaganda is my number one pet peeve in books. It springs at you like a troll from a box, from the most unexpected places. I hate it, makes me nauseous. Not gonna read the book, thanks for the warning!

message 38: by Reneeee (new)

Reneeee same ,don't buy if you thinks is worse.You should try a sample.How to write a rewiew?

Amanda Story Since this book had overwhelmingly positive reviews, I had to double check the cover page a couple times as I went along. I was grossed out and abandoned it halfway through. Rachel's perspective just felt so out of touch and pandering to me. It all felt contrived, especially the humility message. As a woman, I feel sincerely concerned about the state of so many women who seem to identify with her voice.

Kimball Spot on review

Ashley I agree! Don’t get what all the hype is about. Expected something life changing and was very disappointed

message 42: by M.T. (new) - added it

M.T. OMG you all are so funny and spot on. I only like the non judgmental part even tho I’m judging right now. 😂

Martha Carrillo I like your review more than the book. You really really hit the nail on the head!

Amanda Peltz Your review. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Shandon Hoffmeier Yes ALL OF IT and I’m only half way thanks on the next book...even the surface level Christian stuff I don’t agree with her much on...

Amanda Quintana This is EXACTLY how I felt too!

message 47: by Erin (new) - rated it 1 star

Erin Penzenstadler Exactly how I felt!

message 48: by Nicole (new)

Nicole Helegda I KNEW IT. People keep recommending this to me and I’m all ehhhhhh..

message 49: by Beth (new) - rated it 5 stars

Beth Kellum Let me ask you a question WHY does it matter to you WHAT color she is? If she was black do you think you would have the same feeling? Would you say to yourself that she’s a conservative privileged black American. Hmmmmm.... indirect racism is what I call this.

message 50: by Allison (new) - added it

Allison statman Thank you for sparing me the money and time . Great review

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