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Reunited by Hilary Weisman Graham
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Nov 26, 2011

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Read from June 12 to July 29, 2012

Reunited starts off strong, and it's got this great promise to be an epic road-trip read. Now, it definitely has its share of laughs and unbelievably fun and crazy moments. But for various reasons, it didn't quite meet my expectations. The novel is told in third-person narrative, with rotating chapters from the three girls' perspectives. I think the third-person narrative was perhaps not the best fit for this story for one major reason: I never felt like I connected with any of the characters (especially Summer). There is not a lot of detail or background given about the girls and overall, I felt a bit removed from them throughout the course of the novel.

Since Alice, Tiernan and Summer have not been friends in years you might wonder why the three of them would want to travel together in a tin can van across the country. Well, the three girls each have their own semi-secret reasons for making the trip to see Level3 in the Pea Pod; but each are also wondering whether the earlier break-up of their friendship will come back to bite them. The reason for the girls' breakup takes a long while to come to the surface (I thought a surprisingly long time). And in my opinion, it doesn't feel quite as climactic as I thought it would be. Not that there necessarily had to be something gargantuan or monstrous to cause their breakup, but I feel like the inevitable reveal didn't quite gel with how horrible the girls' relationship became.

I think that, overall, I wanted a little bit more depth, emotion, and detail in this novel. Graham has a great way with dialogue, zany scenarios, and keeps the plot and pacing moving forward. Some parts of the girls' road trip are really fun to read, but I couldn't help but feel like *something* was missing. I feel that some pockets of the story were haphazard, with a few of the girls' story-lines feeling a bit rushed, messy, or incomplete. The ending chapters try to tie things up and a few incidents happen where you may have to suspend your disbelief. But all in all, Reunited is fun. This is a breezy (and somewhat predictable) road-tripping read. It's not got the same gravitas as other road-trip YA novels like The Disenchantments or Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, but it's an entertaining read. If you're looking for a relatively uncomplicated, beach-worthy, friendship-themed read, then this might be a good fit for you.

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