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Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel
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Nov 26, 2011

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** Dearly Departed is an original steampunk sci-fi novel filled with lovable and witty characters. The idea of a futuristic Victorian Era puts a twist on up-bringing and gentle-manly yet free spirited characters. Though i feel the author might has skipped some parts, but the book never failed to amaze and amuse me.

Nora- heroine. stubborn and wise girl with a bunch of spunk and spirit. not your average bella swan main character. she brings light and amusement to the zombie's lives

Bram- SWEETHEART. Gentlemanly yet loose. Free spirited yet responsible. You have to admire the way he holds onto humanity and his views on the undead. I'm asking for a Bram under my Christmas tree this year ;)

Pamela- In the begging of the story she seemed like a bland minor character, however as the story goes on she turns into a strong amazing person who cares about her family's survival but went through hardships doing the right thing and rebelling. She was a character who's troubles made her stronger and i admre her for that

Wolfe- a shadey sneaky antagonist that got what he deserved in the end. His views on the zombies pissed me off.

Chas and Tom- both witty and amusing characters that always has something to say that'll make yo smile or laugh. their part of the main zombies but i wished they had more dialog

Renefield and Coalhouse- eh need to get into the story more. don't know much about either of them. But R seems like a SweetyPie Nerd which is cute :)And C just needs a chance

Dr. Dearly-a noble character and an amazing father figure not just to Nora but to all the Zombies. Amazing scientist and hero

~Bram and Nora 'Duh'
~Chas and Tom 'Even more duh'
~Dr. Sam and Dr. Chase 'they're good toegther and i think they'll
eventually get together and i want to see Dr. S happy hes such a
~Pamela and Coalhouse 'they both deserve somebody and they had the
tiniest of moments'
~Vespertine Mink and Renfield aka Harpist123 and Zboy69- they met on
the internet classic modern love story. R deveserves a quote on quote
'a literate girl who can play chess' and i think he'll be good for
Mink so she won't be that snobbish

Can't wait for the next book I'l literarly DIE (pun intended) waiting for it ;)

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