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The Truth by Jeffry W. Johnston
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it was ok

** spoiler alert ** Being honest, this book wasn't that good. It had a lot of problems such as: no character development, no real suspense, unrealistic, filler, and unlikeable characters.

We have all these characters, but all of them either feel as if they have zero personality, or are just straight up frustrating.

Chris: he is clearly not alright. Lost his dad, has to be the man of the house, taking care of his brother 24/7 because his mom is either working or on dates, and then to top it all off, just killed someone (I'll get to that later). He constantly has nightmares. You'd expect a lot from this character. But you don't really get anything. You don't really get into what's going on in his mind despite him being the main focus of the book. We get the things that would cause his to react, but we don't get the reaction. Sometimes he just sounds like a robot or a broken record.

Rite: Ah, the love interest. See she is a great example on how NOT to write one. We first meet her after Chris tells everyone he thought killing that kid was "cool." She is anger with him for saying that and says she is glad she rejected him to the dance. But then all Chris has to say is that he lied and suddenly it is all better. And now suddenly, she likes him? Why? Because you lied to him and want to make it up? Pity? Your feelings came out of no where. Then later on, something happens to her. Derek did something (or at least I assume since she saw him kidnapping Chris). But were never told what happened or if she is even okay. It is just said she had an accident and that is it. Chris thinks no more of her. In fact, that stupid phone call in general made no sense. It didn't feel like it even needed to happen.

Devon: This kid has some problems. I get that he doesn't want to lose anyone else (like he lost his dad), but getting all mad just didn't even make much sense. He is mad because Chris didn't take the gun and shoot the kid (plot twist). And so he could have ended up losing his brother. And so, he just ignores his brother and even gives him the look he had when he killed the kid. Then he gets all mad at the dad and doesn't want to play baseball. I'm not really mad that it happened, I'm mad that it went no where. It happened for a bit and then BOOM, he was fine. Everything was fine. Like, no. Expand on this. Have character development damn it!

Derek: He lost his brother. And now he is angry. But what is he angry about exactly? That his brother died? Or that he left his brother and never planned on going back and actually kind of hated him? Let's back up. He kidnaps Chris and demands the truth or else he will cut off one of his fingers. Sounds suspense full, right? Except it really isn't. Chris lies and Derek even catches it! But he never cut off a finger. Sure, he drew blood. But all the fingers stayed in tact. It's not that I wanted Chris to lose a finger or anything, it's that it made Derek feel like less of a threat. Like he was all talk and no action. It seemed unrealistic. Something I found weird is that the rest of Chris story wasn't even needed. He wanted info on his brother, so you'd think once Chris got into the whole thing with RIta and stuff, he would have cut him off because it had NOTHING to do with his brother. Another thing, he seemed pretty stable. No, you are not in your right mind if you kidnap someone, but he seemed pretty calm and not like he was about to go on a murdering spree. But then suddenly, he is this crazy, revenge filled person who is out for blood. I know people like this usually hide their true nature, but it wouldn't make sense in this situation. And then after the gun is taken from him, he seems all fine again. Like wtf? Make up your mind.

Other characters that were there: Chris's friend was there with absolutely no purpose. Why even give him a friend in the first place if erasing him wouldn't change nothing? He doesn't even seem that close with him. The whole book his is just like "Hi I'm here!" and then leave. There should have been a bit more to the detective. It is obvious he messed with the crime scene right off the bat, and yet we don't really hear about him. Sure he is a big part for when Derek makes him get the truth, which probably should have been super suspense full considering he only had one hour. Also this guy is a detective yet he sounded so stupid. "Tell me where he is keeping your brother." Don't you think if he knew he'd be there instead! What killer would be like "hey I want you to do this. If you don't then I'll kill your brother. Btw I'm keeping him at insert address here. Okay? Bye!" Like no. Idiot. What detective would think this psycho would reveal where the guy's brother is before he does the thing he demanded him to do. That sounds like the stupidest thing ever. Lastly, the mom. She needed development. It is obvious that everything is really stressing her out and she is on edgy. But instead on addressing it, Chris is just like "she is allowed to be stressed. I'll leave her be." Like then why is she ever there if she is going to do nothing. We don't even hear about how she react to knowing her kids were in a life or death situation. She just disappears at that point as if the writer just didn't feel like writing anymore. In fact, that's how it feels this book ends. Like the writer was just bored with it and ended it like that. The ending it suppose to seem like a cliffhanger, but instead, it just feels incomplete.

In summary, too many problems.

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