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Nov 26, 2011

really liked it

2nd of the Dark Protector Series.

Premise: There are two vampire factions: Kurjans and "the good guys" (for lack of better term). In addition to differences in appearance, Kurjans are also unable to walk in sunlight and are ostracized from the Realm. The Realm is essentially the world of the "others" (vampires, shape-shifters, witches, fae, demons, etc). Dage is king of the Realm, and he (along with his brothers) negotiated the truce between the Realm and Kurjans. That truce has now ended because of Janie, a 4 year old girl with amazing psychic abilities who has been fated by the oracles to do something BIG.

Story: Dage and Emma have been dreaming of each other since she was teenager (apparently, he's been dreaming of her for centuries). I'm not sure if this dreaming is a common characteristic between mates, since it wasn't readily apparent in the previous book, but with Janie also dreaming of guys, perhaps it is?). Emma is Cara's sister, and she is a very strong psychic. Dage knows upon meeting Cara that the woman he's been dreaming of as his mate is her sister Emma. Emma has been on the run for weeks from the Kurjans after learning of their existence at the genetic lab she was working. Emma, along with Cara, is a scientist devoted to genetics.

Review: It was a little frustrating to have Emma and Dage at odds. Neither seemed to live up to the potential promised in book one, Fated. I was expecting Emma to be a little more "kick ass" based on how Cara described her, and Dage wasn't as powerful and kingly as I thought he'd be. Really the only time we're introduced to his true power is at the end, and even then it's a brief description of the destruction he caused and fight with the werewolf. There's really not a lot else that showcases his power (especially when it seems Emma can almost instantly acquire the same talents like teleportation). As with the last book, and even more so in this book, the DNA/science was a bit much. It's great that the author has such a unique take on the whole vampire phenomenon but as a reader, I don't need to know quite so much about the mechanics of it. My eyes tended to glaze over those portions of the book.

I did enjoy the cattiness between Emma and Portia, although I can already see where that's going in the next book. Zanetti definitely did a good job of setting up the next couple of books, and I'm looking forward to Conn's story. One of the highlights of this book for me was Moira.

Mechanics: well-written with few spelling or grammatical errors. There really is nothing more frustrating than reading a book, especially one with a potentially good story, and finding many spelling/grammatical mistakes. It makes the book sloppy and the author seem careless. There are several authors that I refuse to read now because of this thoughtlessness (case in point: Lora Leigh). If an author can't be bothered to edit her material, then I can't be bothered to read it. All that being said, I did not have any problems with Zanetti. You can tell she takes pride in her writing!

Overall grade: B+ Not quite as good as Fated for me, but I'm looking forward to Hunted, Book 3 next year.

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