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Death by Chocolate by Debra Glass
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Nov 26, 2011

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bookshelves: bdsm, contemporary, erotica

The good: this is fairly hotly and very graphically written erotica. This story is pretty much a stream of sex scenes with a thinly disguised plot. For the reader who likes BDSM and or D/s scenarios, this might be a bit mild. For the reader who likes a bit of D/s, bondage, but nothing in depth, this will hit the spot.

Aries is a psychic who feels that she needs to have sex with someone in the same way that the killer has had sex to get a read on who he is. And also because she's had dreams that she is one of his victims. So when she's paired up with a Detective working on the case she suggests they have sex doing the same things the killer does so she can “see” things.

She knows going in that the killer ties them up, blindfolds them and has them in every orifice. She's totally willing to go through with it.

Both Aries and Det. Washington do try to keep it as a "job" knowing they are not in it for their own pleasure. It doesn't actually come across that they themselves, outside of acting out the scene, would do this.

Of course those professional lines get blurred and they enjoy each other and the sex, getting really turned on. Trip is especially turned on by Aries right from the start even if he thinks the whole psychic thing is a joke. The fact that he feels that way and goes along with the sex could have been a turn off since well, then he’s just using the situation and her to get his jollies. However, Ms Glass walked a fine line there and Trip shows some sensitivity towards Aries and even a hesitancy in doing some of the things he’s supposed to do to reenact the killer’s way of killing.

The bad: well, seriously? This could only happen in an erotica story where any excuse to have taboo-ish or any sex is a good one, even a totally improbable one. I kind of snickered at this premise, but it is a new one for me at least. Aries is lucky if she needed to have sex to get psychic hits on the killer that Trip happens to be tall, big, dark and gorgeous. I wonder if she would have suggested the same route if he looked like Barney Fife?

This scenario, however, can ease the uncomfortable reader in that it takes away the responsibility from the characters about enjoying something taboo for them outside of it being for the job. Neither Trip nor Aries have had anything but vanilla sex in the past.

Aries is a bit like this. She's never done this kind of thing before--- had sex with a client to get psychic hits, and she's never had this kind of sex before, no anal, no bondage, etc. But once she and Trip get going, she finds she gets off on it. She can do it without thinking about what that means to her personally and why it turns her on because she’s forced to for the cause.

“This time, she didn’t have a choice---and the idea that she was bound and blindfolded and in no position to refuse, liberated her in a way she’d never imagined possible.”

I don’t know, I’m rather partial to characters who go for whatever sex they want to have without feeling like there needs to be a “reason” for it if it’s in an area generally considered taboo. But I can see how even the simulation of a non-con situation in which both parties are in agreement about it could be a turn on for some.

Another negative for me is the constant reference to Trip's skin color. It's personal preference of course, but I hate when authors, who have a character of color, constantly reference the skin color as if that were the most important or unique thing about the character. I see this a lot and it's a personal pet peeve. YMMV

In the end, Debra Glass managed to make this a bit more than just an erotic fantasy. I liked both Trip and Aries as characters and I liked the fact that both of them are willing to explore further what has been awakened in them through this. They clicked very well and it was left off with an HFN.

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