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Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz
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Nov 26, 2011

it was amazing

"Scorpia" is the fifth book in the Alex rider series. Alex rider, a 14 year old teenage spy, who works for the English government named MI6 is trying to find out the truth about his father’s death and who his father was affiliated with. He is quickly tied up in an international spy group named Scorpia. He cannot figure out if he can trust Scorpia or if they are terrorists trying to recruit him to assassinate people. He is lead to believe the institution he was previously working for, MI6, is misleading and is involved in terrorism of his father. Once faced with this terrible truth he agrees to join Scorpia to get revenge. Alex receives basic training and then is sent to kill Mrs. Jones, the woman who gave the order to kill his father. The assassination attempt goes completely wrong, causing Alex to be captured. MI6 agents tell him that his father was actually a double agent spying on Scorpia and when Scorpia found out they killed him. Alex agrees to go back to Scorpia to find more information for MI6. When he is there he finds out that they have planned to kill almost everyone in London between the age of twelve and fourteen. They would do so by giving everyone a contaminated vaccination that could be triggered by a radio wave. Alex calls in reinforcements and does everything he can to stop the kill switch seconds before it goes off.

I loved this book because it was one of those books that you cant put down until you feel your eyelids desperately trying to close. The main character, Alex Rider, is an extraordinary person who is capable of getting out of any trouble. The minor characters greatly helped the story build up into a story that a person can't stop reading. I think the plot was awesome because of its interesting twists. The story constantly kept you thinking of what will happen next. I enjoyed the conflict because it was complicated. I liked the theme of the story which I think is that you shouldn't trust anybody who you don't know well because I believe it is true. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, action, and mystery because this book is filled with it.

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