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The Devil's Auditor by Eduardo R. Casas
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Nov 26, 2011

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it was amazing
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The story of an accountant unwittingly caught up in a major financial scandal of global proportions and the many murders committed, some to hide the original crimes of fraud, others of a personal nature involving the oldest of motives, revenge, while still others are attributable to the unexplained insane compulsions of a serial killer.

This book is predominantly a murder/mystery, however, if you saw WALL STREET–MONEY NEVER SLEEPS, this novel will answer questions raised but never answered. This novel will go behind the scenes to explore, not only the issues of what caused the meltdown, but also critical things that are hardly mentioned; mainly the inactions by the watchdogs and the systemic faults in the vetting process used to provide assurances to the public. This story explores the schemes devised to hide the fraud, and depicts the unsolved murders committed to hide it.

This is a story about the first, the largest, and most insidious financial crime of the Twenty First century. This is also a tale of a man unwittingly caught up in a major financial scandal of global proportions, and the many murders committed to hide its secrets.

Much like Upton Sinclair’s "The Jungle," a novel that captured the realities and exposed the abuses and crimes in the Chicago meatpacking industry; this novel similarly captures, through this fictional expose, the realities, and exposes the abuses and crimes of the financial mortgage industry.

This novel depicts and renders, through the experiences of one man, the particulars of this compelling crime story. Although not at all dark, gloomy or disheartening as that great original novel; nonetheless, and in contrast, this sometimes darkly humorous, tongue-in-cheek, whimsical, ironic, even flippant novel, based on observations of real life cases, captures the essence of this current crisis.

This fraud has caused the largest illegal transfer of funds in U.S. history, by taking money from the pockets of the average American, and transferring it into the pockets of the wealthiest bankers and security brokers in this country. Not since the great depression has there been such pervasive and deep loss in asset value. This is the most sinister fraud to have ever been perpetrated on the American public, and a crime, which has permeated all aspects of our economy, one that continues to affect us all.

Although primarily designed as a murder/mystery to entertain and not preach, it also illuminates and educates. This story focuses and exposes the absurdity of the cynical, hypocritical, and ineffective aspects of the vetting process established in this country, which is utilized to substantiate the suitability and quality of investments offered to the American public. This state sanctioned process operates under an indefensible self-serving structure that ultimately is used to influence the financial decisions of the unsuspecting investing public.


A lone man; an internal auditor, discovers the massive fraud during a routine review. His relentless inquiries and persistent questioning ultimately lead him to unearth mysterious and unresolved murders; some committed to hide the original crimes of fraud, others of a more personal nature, involving the oldest of motives--revenge, while still others are attributable to the unexplained insane compulsions of a serial killer.

Hired for a simple project; requiring a mere three-week audit of the Chandler bank’s internal controls over mortgage securities and foreclosures. Little did Castillo suspect that a routine review, described to him as “Needing only your rubber-stamping of the process,” would result in the exposure of a major worldwide financial scandal. This was to be an investigation, which would disclose billions of dollars in fraudulent financial transactions, dirty dealings, and insalubrious financial business relationships, fraught with a multitude of conflicting interests.

This investigation would require Castillo to untangle a virtual "can of worms" in transactions and unravel the myriad of layers in cover-up schemes used to not only conceal the fraud but also conceal mysterious murders. Murders, which would ultimately implicate members of an elite group, at the highest echelons of international financial power.

The police, having failed for over five years, open the door for Castillo to be hired by the victim's families. He is entrusted to go beyond the fraud and to identify and bring the murderers to justice. This would be a case of intrigue, suspense, scandal and unresolved crimes of murder, that would challenge Castillo's skills, not only as an auditor but also those of his avocation… solving mysteries. It starts in Key West on to Miami and then follows a twisting route through the Caribbean, South America as well as the small town of Tahlequah Oklahoma. Two other friends assist the unlikely hero. His carefree cousin, a former police officer,and a doctor, the chief medical examiner of the city of Miami. Although not a doorstopper, its 350 pages are full of fun, facts and forensics.
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