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Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward
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Nov 25, 2011

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bookshelves: action, fantasy-romance, vampire, sensuous
Read from December 15 to 17, 2011

** spoiler alert ** wellll.... the love story is betwee Phury and Cormia. Phury, as Primale, is failing... he going deeper into drugs, the drug wizard in his head has greater influence, bad speaking tohim... he gets kicked out of the brotherhood because he can't stop himself from cutting up and torturing the lessers, and putting himself in harms way, not aware of his surroundings. He and Z have honest words ... For 3 months he leaves Cormia alone (after almost having sex with her at the tail end of a dream)... He is self destructive, but his actions are true - he asks John to befriend Cormia; Cormia has been building structures from soaked soft beans and toothpicks - building the structures in her head - and with Fritz' quiet assistance... and she is ready for more, and John introduces her to TV, to movies & M&Ms, to the out of doors (where she runs across the lawn, laughing), to the swimming pool... and Phury's drawings of Bella are being replaced with drawings of Cormia - and he covers them with ivy... the ivy representing the deterioration of his home growing up, with parents who could not cope with the loss of his twin, and the ivy the covered the statues, the gardens and ultimately the house now cover his pictures. Cormia comes to realize that she does not want to share Phury, and with Bella's counsel, to learn about herself... she and Phury have some conversations, come close to sex, and when Phury releases her from being the Chosen's First Mate, she makes plans to go into seclusion as scribe and not to see him with the other Chosen... and on the night she was going to leave, he sees her rising out of the swimming pool naked, and John *& his friends watching... and his mating needs overpower him, and he takes her into his room, watches her shower and takes her roughly (he is finally no longer a virgin)... and when both are satiated, and she bites back the words asking him to stay with her only, she cries and asks him to leave - to fulfill his responsibility as the Primale.

And the Omega moves way ahead - somehow he impregnated a vampire and his infant is adopted by one of the leading families - and though we don't know it at first, he is Lash, the vamp training with the Brothers who has always caused trouble for John... and after reading John's medical file and finds out pretrans that homeless John had been raped by a man, he spreads it in front of Blay and Qhuinn, and when John attacks him he manages to pin him against a wall, and starts to pull down his pants as if to rape him... and Qhuinn looses it and slashes his throat... and in Lash's death (though immediately resurrected by the doctor) theOmega can finds him... sends in a crew at the clinic and kidnaps Lash - and transforms him into a lessor (takes his heart, his blood, gives him his own blood)... and when Lash awakens, his first task is to kill his parents - which he does, but then throws up a dozen times... but then he sends the lessors to the homes of the other big families - killing most of them - (including Qhuinn's parents - who had disowned him - they always rejected him because his has 2 different colored eyes) but not Blay's family - who were taking the threat seriously and almost left & John & Qhuinn were there to fight when they were attacked. Lash is different than the lessers in that he can eat and still have sex - and he likes the sunshine... but he has a masterplan to take down the vampires - undermining their money sources & killing the ruling families. The Omega is quite content... and though the Brothers and John (who sees Lash as he is disappearing into the Omega's plane) know something is seriously different, they don't yet see what Lash has become.

John, Qhuinn, and Blay make up another storyline... Blay decides he is gay, and he is in love with Qhuinn - and Qhuinn knows it... when Qhinn believes he will be jailed, he says some cruel things to Blay to push him away & anger him... but then John explains to Wrath what happened, and Wrath interviews Qhuinn - and Wrath makes Qhuinn John's bodyguard, retroactive, to explain why he had the right to attack Lash. and Qhuinn and Blay have some uncomfortable moments, but John forces them to confront it - and leaves them together, and they have an honest talk (kinda like Butch and Vishous), and they are ok.

And Torh has been living 8 months in the wilderness on deer blood, and though he won't commit suicide directly, he is killing himself slowly, waiting to join his wife and infant in the Fade... but just as he is about to die (he does not have the energy to move out of the rising sun, fallen angel Lassiter saves him, feeds him, negotiates with Rehv to find out where the Brothers are, and takes him back - saying he must stay - this is his last chance to redeem himself (an interesting future ally)... Torh is depresesed, still wants to die, is a bit indifferent to John, who sat with him all day until he regained consciousness, but after sending John away, he calls his name as he is leaving, and John falls into his arms - both of them crying. and then John et al go to the bar, and John gets drunk, and throws up, and zehx comes to check on him, and somehow he comes on to her like a man of strength and worth; and she responds - they kiss but she is called away... they had an earlier encounter, where he watched and open the door as she escorted a trouble maker out of the club, and with her Sympath skills she reads his thoughts about how he masturbates to images of her, and she tellshim to say her name when he comes and it will be better - and then when he comes onto her, and she's about to leave, he writes a note to her - repeating her words back to her.. hmmmm

And we learn a bit more about the Sympath world - Rehv (half sympath), has sex with the full sympath princess once a month - along with a blackmail payment - somehow to protect Zehx - and it is a love/hate relationship - he can be his evil sympath side when they have sex - sex is a power play between them... tbough she wears a knit of threads soaked in scorpion poison that makes him sick each time . hmmmmm where is this one going? and at the end, we see Zehx return home (something Rehv acknowledges she always does) - and as she undresses, she releases the barbs sewn into her pants, pain her way of controlling the sympath part of her - sleeping in isolation on the floor - no furniture... and fantacizing about John.. Hmmmm

and then Phury, who succumbs to the drugs and goes for heroin almost kills himself (John finds him and calls for help) prior to when he is to go to another Chosen's bed (after he had sex with Cormia, and she sent him away)... and he goes to the other side, (Cormia has started her scribe duties)... he goes with his new First Mate - after having a few gentle words with Cormia, where he tells her he loves her - but he knows he cannot have sex with anyone but Cormia, and the DT's hit him - and Cormia comes to him and eases him... helping him with the delusions of the ivy overgrowing all, and navigating him into cutting the ivy away with her help - and at the end, the ivy is gone from his house, and his healthy parents are inside, and he goes to the window where they tell him they are happy, and they are proud of him - the first time they called him son - and Phury has peace for the firs time - and he wakes up, and bathes - and goes to the Scribe Virgin and tells her he will stay as Primale - the protector of the chosen, but that it is time for the Chosen to have choice - that she needs to trust her creation, and give them freedom... he goes to Rehv for rental properties - & Rehv gives him his retreat in the mountains - and some of the Chosen are there with Phury & Cormia, learning to cook, to play the piano, to vaccuum... and Phury is staying clean - and going to AA meetings weekly - and 2 months later, Z has a baby - and Phury can't be the one to reach out to them... and on the night of ribbon ceremony (where familes tie their family ribbons on the crib to signify their lifelong protection to the infant), and Phury is depressed, and the 'wizard' is calling to him, he hears opera - and it is Z, come to him, singing and inviting him back into the fold - ahhhhh

and the last - the Scribe Virgin is considering her daughter, V's twin who is more like her aggressive, meanstreaked father whom she has 'frozen' - awakens her daughter - acting on Phury's words that she must learn to trust her creation... hmmmm\\

so we have Zehx & John... we have the virgin's daughter Payne awakened (who will be the man to tame her?)... we have Rehv (for Payne?) hmmmm and Lash - how long will he be a problem for the Brothers?

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