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Captain Alatriste by Arturo Pérez-Reverte
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Jun 07, 2008

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6/7 - 6/8

First off, I can't remember the last time I started and finished a book in one day. Yeesh. Not a lot going on today I guess.

Anyway, I have read and enjoyed several of Perez-Reverte's books and have been looking forward to this series. I was not blown away. The characters were were pretty plain, and I really didn't like the narrator at all; the classic 'I'm old now and I'm gonna tell you some stories from a long time ago' type guy. Also, The profanity he uses throughout the book doesn't work to get you to believe in the characters... it seems completely gratuitous and out of place.

I would give this only two stars, bbbuuutttt... it is a translation from the original Spanish, and I have to give him the benefit of the doubt and assume the translation was flawed... I have read several of his other books and enjoyed them enough, so at least some of the blame goes on the translator (I just looked at three of his books here off the cuff and they all have different translators).
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Israel Carlock Definitely it is good idea to give it the benefit of the doubt. I haven't read it in English but the Spanish version is great, specially this one, the first volume of the saga. I was amazed by the intrigues of the king cortisans, the prime minister (valido) and the description of the saint inquisition Father. It is full of stocades, treachery, conspiracy,passion and good intertextual references to the classic spanish writers. Quevedo himself is a great character and it is no waste to witness his imprudent bravery to either easily shoot verses or use the sword, and it s funny, it made me feel like taking sides between him and Lope followers. And obviously the star is the Alatriste captain, a sober and experienced soldier, sober in language but not in drinking habits. Cautious but brave. Shy if I may say but passionate, poorly educated in words but fluent and solvent when it comes to swords and stocades.There is not great display of literature resources but the adventure story is great, the language simple but very descriptive, sarcastic at times, religious only to swear at others but in generally hilarious and coloquial according to the time the story goes on.

Sara The swearing in the Portuguese translation is very 'sober' and does help to feel the time period. So, yes, maybe it is the translation...

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