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The Selection by Kiera Cass
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Nov 25, 2011

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Recommended for: Fellow humans in search for a readable "The Bachelor"


"The Hunger Games" meets "The Bachelor"...

It's set as dystopian and romantic...I hope to read through pages of originality!! And even though I usually narrow my eyes with suspicion at books that claim to be remakes of other books, I will ninjetically get my hands on this book! Just the description of this book sucked me in!! (The cover was a bonus.)

Once I get my hands on this book, I will be on the ninja scavenger hunt for originality and a smile!!

Miss Kiera Cass, I am eagerly looking forward to your debut! April 24th 2012 awaits...

As for my fellow review readers, my review also awaits...



I have mixed feelings about it. USUALLY, a normal Theresa review reveals good things and bad things and then somehow meshes them together into a rating.
If I absolutely HATED this thing and proudly tossed it out the window or against the wall or at an innocent bystander or simply up into the air, it'd get a one-star.
If I loved it so much that I squealed and shrieked and jumped up and down about how freakishly awesome it was, it'd get a five-star.

But I didn't hate it . . . or love it nearly that much.

Let me first say that this review is going to be one of my lingering reviews where the point is to be expressed LATER ON in this review. If you're thinking, "BAH! I don't have time for Theresa's craziness!" I suggest that you probably want to locate away from this page.
Buuuut, if you wanna hear what I say about this book (because I have A LOT to say), please . . . continue.

Please . . . (and don't say I didn't warn you because this following sentence is going to be BOLDED and CAPITALIZED).


So anyway, I HAVE noticed that this book has gotten a bunch of negative reviews. The reviews didn't really stop me from reading this book because for some strange reason, I like reading books that have interesting blurbs AND reviews that state a bunch of flaws.
Trust me, no matter what book I've read, EVERY SINGLE BOOK has had flaws to me. Even the ones that I would have listed as 500 stars have flaws to them, too.
This one counts, too.

Anyway, because of all these negative reviews and whatever the author said about a fellow reviewer's review, I thought I'd hate this book too. I'm a HUGE hypocrite, but seriously, anyone who'd insult someone who gave a bad review of this book must think that their book is really, really good. All that fuss just made me raise my expectations for this book.

But I don't hate this book. I'm thinking that through typing this review, I'd figure it out somehow. I'm a really, really, really indecisive person, you see.

Anyway, here's the history of me and The Selection.

This book, as of today, is 13 days overdue to my public library. (I know, I'm so irresponsible. I promise I did NOT keep this book overdue on purpose!)
Anyway, when I first checked it out, I gradually read through a couple of chapters and then I stopped, and then I read a little more, and then I stopped.
The beginning of the story didn't give me that feeling of, "I want to find out what the character is going to get into!" I sort of put it off and procrastinated on it.

Then I was checking my library account around three days ago and I noticed that this book was seriously overdue, so I started reading more of it. (This book shall NOT suffer the fate of returning to the library unfinished!)

Then when I got near the middle of the book, I started getting the feeling of, "There is NO WAY I'm letting this book go unfinished now!"
This thing kept me up late at night trying to finish it, so I guess that counts as impacting me a little.

All that reading led me to one thing.
(view spoiler)

MY GOD, I should have known.

So I will gladly compare this book to a roll of toilet paper. "Slowly rolling at first, but the closer to the end, the faster it goes by."
I know, that's a really weird quote for me to say, considering that some people use rolls of toilet paper faster than others.

Anyway, was this book worth the author yelling at a fellow reviewer?

Prooobably. I'm NOT saying what she did was right, but I can see how she was confident with her writing. Her confidence was IN her writing. (I mean I'm writing my own story too, and I have confidence in my writing. YOUR FEELINGS FOR YOUR WRITING SHOW IN YOUR WRITING, you know.)

I mean if you HATE writing and you'd rather do something else, your writing is all bland and your readers would hate your writing and they'd rather do something else, too. (THIS IS THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN A WRITER AND HIS/HER READERS!)

Ex (prompt from the 8th grade. We had to read these out loud.): What did you do over summer break?

Person who hates writing (most of the people in my class): "My summer was great. We did a lot of things. I had fun. The end."

ME (who enjoys writing loosely and crazily): "Weeeeell, first of all, I went to the store and this lady rolled over my foot with a cart that had a 200 pound microwave oven in it! How dare that lady! I WAS going to ninjetically slay her, but when I started to say something, she glared at me and BARED HER WEREWOLF FANGS AT ME!"
(That really happen, you know.)

Well I guess the more you're interested in what you're writing, the more voice appears in your writing, and the more likely your readers would be interested.

I think the author was really interested in what she was writing, but she was also confident that her writing was GOOD. This made her writing pretty voiced. (I sort of like how her feelings affected her writing, since I'm like this too.)
But I think what lowered her writing's value was probably the plot. Or the characters, or the romance.

So, Theresa lesson #1: GOOD WRITING REQUIRES YOUR INTEREST AND CONFIDENCE! If you're writing about something you're not interested in and you'd rather do something else, your writing will be less likely of amazingness! If you're writing something you're interested in but you're not confident in your writing, your writing won't reach it's full potential!

I think that the author said something against the fellow review reader because that fellow review reader didn't give it the chance it deserved.
And the rest of the reviews from that were probably even more negative than that one. To the fellow review readers who are reading THIS REVIEW, know that THERE IS GOOD IN THIS BOOK. I mean there are books that are so much worse.

Like . . . Evermore by Alyson Noel. (Yup. I'm spotlighting a book that I hate.) Or Blue Moon by Alyson Noel. THOSE BOOKS . . . got my fo-shizzle shelf ratings.

(Ahem*) Anyway . . .
What I probably didn't like about this is all probably based on my opinions. People can disagree with me on these things.


So this book is supposed to be a combination of The Bachelor and The Hunger Games, right?

The Hunger Games was AMAZING. Thrilling. Absolutely suspenseful!

The Bachelor . . . gets on my nerves sometimes. (I always thought that the whole idea of The Bachelor had a guy that was shallow and the girls that were competing were also shallow.) The girls get way too competitive over a guy (for ratings, maybe??). And I wonder if the guy knows that every time he eliminates a girl, that girl gets all dramatic. See what one guy does to a bunch of girls?!

But the idea was actually a pretty original idea. I haven't read a book like the Bachelor yet and I was . . . actually pretty excited to read this one.

The thing is . . . this book is more like the Bachelor than the Hunger Games. Maybe the lottery and the prize of the whole Selection was like the Hunger Games, but that's really about it.

The rest of it was like the Bachelor. The competition. The girls. The dude eliminating the girls.

Anyway, the girl, America Singer (the strangest name I've ever come across). And yes. She sings.
I think it would have been really cool if her talent for music related to the story somehow. Why is she talented in music? What can she use it for? What does music mean to her? How is it related to the other characters?
But it just seems to be there. Like an added detail. Since her name is SINGER, it seems like it should be MORE.
Ah well. I'm not the author, so . . .


She's not supposed to care at all for the Selection. All the girls hope to be with Maxon, but she's not hoping for that at all (which makes her stand out from the other girls).
Her impression of Maxon is that he's just a prince choosing the prettiest out of all the girls (while all the other girls think he's handsome and powerful) but through the story, she learns that Maxon isn't that kind of person.
It's pretty obvious that the author tried to make her selfless.

But to me, it's not clear what she wanted at all. Through the story, she was trying to forget about Aspen, but if he ever appeared and tried to get her back, she'd go to him.
She became jealous of the other girls whenever something happened between them and Maxon, but it didn't seem like she wanted to love Maxon either.
She didn't want to go back home, but she didn't want to be in the Selection with Maxon.

She's the MAIN CHARACTER of the story. What did she WANT? What was she trying to pursue? What did she NEED? None of that was clear to me, and that was my problem with her.


In my love life, I make it a priority to speak whatever I feel. To take risks. To do WHATEVER IT TAKES for the person I love, even at the spur of the moment.
First of all, LOVE DOESN'T DOUBT.

Aspen doubted that he'd be a good enough person for America, so he left her because of that. He was doing this for America's sake, but I hate it when guys do this.
If I was Aspen, I would have held onto America NO MATTER WHAT! I'd think, "She's mine! I LOVE this person! I want to be the one to protect this person.

I would have smacked the guy across his face at least 100 times throughout reading this book.
But I guess if Aspen didn't do what he did, the story wouldn't spin along as it did. But still, I hated that Aspen would doubt being able to love America for even a SECOND. A guy needs to be able to PROTECT the girl! That's what the girl exists for! Something for the guy to protect!

Fo-shizzle to Aspen. I'm actually rooting for Maxon because Aspen did that. And it's for personal reasons, too, actually.


Okay. His speech made me imagine his voice in a british accent.

"America, my dear! Please come, and enjoy a hot cup of tea! Come along, you mustn't tarry! My dear America!"

Anyway, this guy has never loved before. He doesn't know the feeling of it, and this Selection should be able to let him experience love, right?
I think through this story, he's supposed to gradually learn more about love. In this book, he seems to have only learned the good things about love, like how you want their company and how you want to protect them, and how you enjoy laughing and sharing smiles with them.
There are bad things about love too, like the feeling of wanting to protect someone but you're not able to, or loving someone who doesn't love you back. But Maxon doesn't seem to know about any of this yet.


America spent most of this book trying to forget Aspen because she believed Aspen chose to leave her, but she still loved him.

Aspen believed that he wasn't good enough for America and left her because he believed that was what was best.

America is determined not to love Maxon, but she gradually notices that he's not what she thought he was.

Maxon knows that America doesn't want to win, but he gradually starts to like America anyway.

I'm only 15 years old and I hardly know anything about romance but I DO know that love doesn't doubt, love doesn't look at how people look, and there is NO SUCH THING as love at first sight.

I'm still angry at Aspen for thinking of leaving America like that. Through the book, I kept yelling at America to forget about Aspen every time he came up in her thoughts somehow.

Maxon is probably my favorite character out of everyone since he seems like he's the most innocent. (He's not betraying anyone so far.)

(view spoiler)

Anyway, I conclude with the fact that I DON'T hate this book. The writing is confident. The idea is original enough.
But I'm a really picky romantic.

Jeez, this was a long review.
And yes, I am going to read the sequel. NO MATTER WHAT.

3 sparkly, sparkly stars.
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8.04% "Wait wait wait. Sooo...right now she loves Aspen...but the plot summary blurb thingy says that when she gets to know Prince Maxon...then she likes Prince Maxon too!! Haven't you heard of that one saying "If you're in love with 2 people, choose the second person. Because if you were really in love with the first, you wouldn't have fallen for the second." ISN'T THAT HOW IT GOES?! I'm suspicious. Let us READ ON!"
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17.26% "Okay this might be an obvious plot. (SPOIER ALERT!!!!!) Did the author make Aspen dump America a little too fast? What kind of guy dumps a girl like that?! (Well plenty, I'm sure, but I'd smack anyone who'd dump like that!) "I don't think this will work...I'm sorry." DUMMY! It's LOVE! LOVE CAN WORK WITH LOTS OF THINGS! Sorry, I'm not hating on the book...I'm just hating on guys who doubt, especially after all that."
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18.45% "Your only relationship is with Prince Maxon and if you disobey, you'll be punishable by death?! But the guy has like 34 other girls! He's romantic with 35 girls and he's the only one you can pay attention to? What if he's an evil, wart faced snob? You're forced to love him? I dunno about America but if I loved another guy, I wouldn't even think about this prince. No matter how hot he is!"
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36.01% " I have the feeling...that does not trust Marlee?? I mean a girl can't be that nice to her competition, right?? And whenever Prince Maxon speaks, there's a voice with a British accent in my head! "Pip pip cheerio, my dear America!" And I've decided to hate Aspen. It's for a personal reason...if I loved a guy who was put into a contest to love someone else, I'd never let him go like that! I must know the rest!"
July 13, 2012 –
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43.75% "Okay, remember dear fellow review readers: My status updates might include spoilers. Especially this one. Because I just want to say WHY ON EARTH did America knee Prince Maxon?! Anyway, so far...somehow, Maxon and America are more melodramatic than they need to be."
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46.73% "Okay. Maybe I'm wrong and this isn't a typo doesn't sound right. Page 157: "As far as I knew, a rebel was a rebel was a rebel, but Maxon made it sound like some could be worse than others." I...spy...redundancy! But...if it's NOT a typo, what does that mean?! Sorry, I enjoy laughing at typos in books."
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Priscila Patatas I'm starting this one too. What do you think of it?

Theresa ♫ I don't hate it...yet. :P

Priscila Patatas I finished this one. I liked it, is simple and easy-reading. I just hated the end

Theresa ♫ I actually thought I'd hate this book, but I don't hate it. :D

Priscila Patatas I don't either! I thionk is one of those books that surprise us...

Avani This was a funny, accurate review ;)

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Theresa ♫ description
Thanks. :D

Caroline I agree with your review! Maxon was my favorite character, too. And yeah I imagined him with a British accent XD

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