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Not a Chance by Jessica Treat
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Jun 07, 2008

it was amazing
bookshelves: written-by-goodreaders, 2008
Recommended to Amanda by: Chairy, who penned it herself
Recommended for: everyone in the universe
Read in September, 2008

9/17--I saw some tiny ants today, all swarming around a piece of leftover food on the sidewalk. For a split second, I seriously considered bending down to put my tongue amidst the pile of ants. I imagined they'd feel like PopRocks or like the tiny little orange fish eggs they put on top of your sushi.

And then the moment passed, and I kept walking.

9/19--Yesterday, I thought to myself, "That's some fine line." A fine line between being daring enough to do something outrageous and being chickenshit enough to reach out your hand and barely touch the outrageous with soft and nervous fingertips. How many times have I ALMOST done that one thing? Infinity times? Already?
But today I thought to myself, "I'm a sucker! I fell for her quirkiness, but she's fucking sick." Sick and alone. Almost done reading Honda, and I'm scared that Melanie M. will never find her way. What does the world do with these folks? (Don't answer that.)

9/21--At the end of the title story: Jessica Treat, you're torturing me. TORTURING ME!!! I want a happy ending. Just one. Or at least resolve something for me, would ya? SPOILER: I've rewritten the ending of Not a Chance for you. Wanna hear it? The friend walks into the bakery at Plaza Neza, and sitting at a table in the darkest corner is the woman she's been looking for, tattered clothes falling off her body. The friend rushes to her side!!! They are reunited and live happily ever after. (Ok, so maybe I'm living in denial. Reality doesn't allow for happy endings.)

As a whole (thus far): A collection of betrayal by someone we know, treasure, trust. Can anything be more painful? Even death?

9/23--I am finished! An entire package of fantastic writing! Dead End struck me as quick and quirky--great! Zubeyde was sweet and real and perfect! Jessica Treat, there were times when I felt myself sitting beside you, resting on your shoulder as I read this collection. And other times I felt like I was reading over your shoulder, careful and quiet so you wouldn't notice me... Such a dismal cloud surrounding the sane and the insane--are we all a bit of both? I think there's no way we CAN'T be. Allow me to quote my favorite line, one that let me explore the depths of my own temporary insanity: "Grief has to go somewhere, be transformed into something, in order for it to disappear." p. 84. TRUTH!

Ahhh, Chairy. I can't thank you enough for allowing me to read these stories. I'm VERY MUCH looking forward to your up and coming.
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Jessica Amanda: you are such an original! thank you for that lively, lovely, generous review. I love the form of it...a record of your thoughts and insights as you read the stories...and I'll not soon get rid of that image of you and that swarm of ants, which I see as bright as tiny orange fish eggs now...

Amanda Awwwwww! Chairy, let's hug!

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