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Drink Deep by Chloe Neill
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Nov 24, 2011

it was ok
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Read in November, 2011

It's really sad to see a GREAT series come to this. I literally don't see the point Hard Bitten and this book. Why oh why did Chloe Neill put us through the pain and heartache of Hard Bitten? She said to trust her and I tried. I read this book in the hopes that she would do something spectacular, but she didn't.

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Now that my rant is done, here is an actual review.

This book and Hard Bitten, in my opinion, completely branch off in a negative way from the rest of the series. The first books had a rhythm, a style, a feeling, a certain amount of humor and mystery to keep the audience coming back for more. The last two, have lost that completely. The first books in the series were this opening up of a new world. Merit was charming and witty. We got to see vampire politics and deal with the machinations of humans, vamps, shifter, etc. While Drink Deep has that and the mystery aspect that the series is used to, it's basically Merit chasing her own tail. She goes to one supernatural group after another and they tell her no, no it isn't me and point a finger and then she follows that finger and approcahces another group.

Too much is happening in this book, it would have been better if we focused on one outward problem and one emotional problem at a time. Between the Mayor/McKetrick, Frank/GP, the magic, Ethan's death, Jonah's romantic interest, there was just way too much going on. It was like ok, pick a problem and deal with it.

The ending was the sloppiest, thrown together, rushed ending ever. Well, maybe not ever, but the climax and resolution of this book needed more chapters. There is fat in the second act of this book could have been cut out completely. It was like Oh, I've figured out the criminal, oh ok, I'm going to stop the criminal, wow something magical happened and boom I'm on the case for the next book. COME ON! Really? Honestly, we needed time to decompress (view spoiler)
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11/24/2011 "It's just ignorant humans, ignorant GP, ignorant, etc... there is nothing entertaining to grab on to. It's just annoyance and grief."
11/27/2011 "Ok, so I don't hate it soo far, but it just isn't up to Merit's usual standards."
11/27/2011 "I came on here to say one thing. I HATE FRANK."
11/27/2011 "I hope that there was a point for CN to create Morgan. Besides being in the way of Merit and Ethan in the first two books, what's his point?" 3 comments

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message 1: by Izzy:) (new)

Izzy:) i know exactly what u mean! it is going to take a lot to get me through this book. i started it and jonah was in the first pages, so i quit reading it. i couldnt do it! i thought i was over the atrocity that mrs. neill did to ethan, but i guess im not:( im going to try to start it again soon. i will let you know so we can either vent to eachother how much we loved this book or how pissed off it made us:) lmfao

Naoms I KNOW! I started when it first came out, read the first page and was just like nooo...

Also I read reviews and some jerk didn't put "spoiler" before she completely ruined the book for me. Now I'm just reading to see if the writer can dig herself out of this hole...

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