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Sleepless by Charlie Huston
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Nov 24, 2011

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In an alternate time line, LAPD cop Parker Haas has gone undercover in order to make “a bust of scale” on the black market of DR33M3R: a drug that grants sleep to those infected with fatal insomnia. This new plague eats away at its victim’s thalamus, causing them to become sleepless, and therefore hysterical. Parker’s wife has the disease, and it could soon pass to their infant daughter. He’ll do whatever it takes to protect them, which involves assuming the roll of a drug dealer, going to underground MMO* raves, and enduring the harsh brutality of L.A.

This book was extremely difficult to read for a few reasons, the first one being structure. The narration switches between 3 different perspectives, with seemingly no sense of chronology. This made Sleepless both confusing and hard to follow. The second reason being descriptions. I couldn’t count how many times this book made me cringe, or want to go take a shower:

“The wiper blades on a Hummer H3… were beating furiously, cleaner fluid spraying, smearing blood, batting what looked like a gnarled bit of scalp and ear back and forth across the windshield, while the young woman inside wiped vomit from her chin an screamed into a Bluetooth headset.”

Those negative things aside, I would recommend this book. I myself almost gave up on it a few times, but after reading other reviews I found courage to keep going. Most reviews saying to endure the first half, and it will become amazing. It took me a bit more than half way to start to appreciate the book, but it did happen. The book has an amazing ending, and is well worth the hardships at the beginning.

*Massive Multiplayer Online Game

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