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Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
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Nov 23, 2011

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Read from November 25 to 26, 2011

I'll admit that I had no clue that the Miyazaki movie was based on a book of the same title, let alone the fact that it was by an author who's work I've previously read! I have not seen the movie yet, but will watch it now that I've finished the book. I wanted to make sure I read the book first before watching the movie which is what I generally prefer for any book turned to movie.

Judging from the rave reviews and ratings this book got I was completely expecting to love the book, but unfortunately it was not to be. It somehow didn't pull me in like I thought it would and I couldn't really get into it. A large part of this is due to the fact that I felt as if I didn't know the characters AT ALL. I've finished the book and am still left feeling like I barely know Sophie or Howl. I feel a large part of it is because things arent explained clearly or enough which would have allowed me to delve into the characters much more.

I'm still trying to pinpoint exactly what it was that didn't pull me into the book and I think it was just the author's prose or style of writing. It's not bad or anything, I think perhaps it's just not my style? To me, it doesn't seem like it flows very well and it seems a bit disjointed somehow. Now that I think about it, this is one of the reasons I was unable to finish one of Diana Wynn Jone's other books (I believe it was Fire and Hemlock) which I also wanted to like very much.

In the end this book just fell flat for me for the reasons I stated above even though I wanted so much to like it. I liked the story but just wish it was more developed.

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