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Compis by Kate Copeseeley
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Nov 23, 2011

really liked it
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Read from December 06 to 17, 2011

This book came SOOOOOOO close to getting five stars. SO CLOSE.

Kate Copeseeley has a lot of potential as a fantasy writer. She's built a complex, imaginative and intriguing world with a very interesting, diverse and creative lore.

This will be a book for hardcore fantasy fans - those that secretly (or not so) jizz over detailed landscapes, cultures and societies done in loving detail and weaved expertly into the story.

The characters were given the same attention, depth and love that the setting was. I enjoyed each of them and how they related to each other, to the different settings and to themselves.

Copeseeley is one of those rather rare story tellers and wordsmiths, much in the same way Rachel Hartman is. This novel could use a more careful and detailed line edit, but Copeseeley's raw talent is rather impressive.

Where this novel failed to grasp that last star is that the pacing is just way too slow at the beginning. It was a 3.5 star rating up until about 70% in when I realized... HOLY HORSE SHIT THIS NOVEL IS AWESOME AND I MUST HAVE MORE! GIVE ALL THE FIVE STARS!

Donna excited

The mystery is great, the characters are great, the writing is great and if Copeseeley can pick up the pacing and structure the story better for the next one, then she will have gained a new fan.
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Brandi I'm really looking forward to your review on this.

message 2: by Andrea (new)

Andrea Donna <3

message 3: by Brian (new) - added it

Brian Kat, sounds like a book to add tommy (ever burgeoning TBR list). Just wondering, however, if perhaps the slow pacing is due to the author trying to ease the reader in to a whole new world-setting? I've found that some of the best series often have a very slow-paced first book (or major portion of the first book) as the author describes all the background and 'behind the scenes detail' that is needed to give the story a solid foundation. Thoughts on that?

message 4: by Brian (new) - added it

Brian *to my... not tommy.. and I can't even blame 'autocorrect'... just slightly befuddled fingers due to antibiotics I'm on currently.. :(

Kat Kennedy This book has two climaxes (TWSS) and the pacing leading up to the first is VERY slow. It feels like you're in the starting zone of a game and it takes forever to get out to the real novel. Does that make sense?

message 6: by Brian (new) - added it

Brian *nods* Makes perfect sense to me yes. In fact, if you're also a gamer, you should try Bioware's latest MMO, 'Star Wars: The old Republic'. It *PERFECTLY* encaptures what you just said.

Thanks Kat :)

Kat Kennedy I'm waiting for them to make it free for a weekend. But to tell you the truth, I just don't have time for gaming anymore.

Had to quit WOW, haven't had a chance to play Diablo III yet! Don't even talk to me about how bad my COD skills are now.

message 8: by Brian (new) - added it

Brian Probably about where mine are at too, lol. :) I still haven't even started Mass Effect 3, Diablo 3 is still sitting in its plastic-wrapped case.... and the less said about my WoW-addiction the better!

Anyway, if I hear that they (BioWare) are offering a free weekend (or week) for friends of current SWTOR subscribers, I'll zip you a note.

We now return this thread to its regular commentary about the review itself. ;)

Kat Kennedy Yes. Enough discussion on games I can't play or I'll start weeping.

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