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Real Magic by Dean Radin
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We only see what we want to see; we only hear what we want to hear. Our belief system is like a mirror that only shows us what we believe.
-Don Miguel Ruiz

I first heard about Real Magic on a couple of podcasts the writer Dean Radin gave interviews on last year, one after the other: Rune Soup & Skeptiko (I warmly recommend checking them if you're even mildly interested in this book).

Dean Radin has been a leading figure in the parapsychology research field, publishing study after study that proves that psi phenomena are real and have measurable effects. They're not strong effects, so critics predictably dismiss them as flukes, lack of test rigor etc. Regrettably, although somewhat understandably, that's despite him being the kind of scientist who puts a lot of effort and has plenty of experience in creating the sort of bulletproof studies that would normally be posted on journals... if only the topic wasn't "woo".

On that front, Dean Radin recently made the connection between magic and parapsychology. They both seem to be connected to the manipulation of consciousness, have weak, measurable effects and are both almost completely rejected by the scientific mainstream, although the public shows a great deal of interest in these fields and will often hide their fascination unless it's safe to do so. That could be because the majority of people has actually experienced the effects of clairvoyance, or telepathy, or precognition, or mysterious serendipity.
As for the contention that the brain 'creates' these experiences -- and somehow emanates consciousness itself -- this is entirely without proof. The brain is a dark place. It contains no sounds or colours. When viewed with high-end medical devices, the human brain will treat us to a largely unpredictable fireworks show of electrochemical reactions. But so will dead salmon when you put them in an MRI. To say these electrical signals are creating experience is to say that Rihanna lives in your radio. She doesn't.

Real Magic is definitely up there with my favorite books in the spirituality/magic/post-materialism genre, along with the Conversations with God trilogy, The Chaos Protocols and The Science Delusion. Reading it made me feel elated and I could recognize and resonate with the full spectrum of its contents: from the tips on becoming a "consciousness manipulator" on the one hand of the "scientifically verifiable" spectrum, to the stories of real, well-documented, historical figures that were exactly that, all the way to the tens of books Radin has used as references, bibliography or documentation, further recommended reading or hard evidence that something's going on collected throughout his career as a mold-breaking investigator.

I downloaded this book illegally and I read it on my Kindle. But I loved it so much that I wanted to give something back and actually own it and highlight all over it . So I'm proud to say I also bought it online on paperback and can't wait to read it again.

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