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How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents by Julia Alvarez
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Nov 23, 2011

it was ok
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Post Listen Review: I was disappointed in this book. Julia Alvarez wrote another book that I thought I wouldn't like but did end up liking but this one I thought I wouldn't like and pretty much didn't like. I am giving it two stars though becuase it is better than a lot of horrid romance books I have listened to trying to get through all the audiobooks at the library. There are several issues I take with this book but I am only going to point out two here. The first is the backwards timeline. It starts with the Garcia girls grown up in, if I remember right, the seventies or eighties so we kind of know where they all end up. Then in successive chapters it goes back in time so it will be from like 1960-1970. But we already know what is going to happen so who cares? My second issue is the overuse of metaphor. I think it's ok to use metaphor, sparingly, to make things interesting but when you get to the point this book does, you are overdoing it. The worst one was where the father in the story who is at his seventieth birthday party tears off the blindfold he is wearing for a party game. So there you have what happened. Here is how it is said, "He tore at his blindfold like it was a contagious body from which he might catch a disease". Dude, it is a birthday party blindfold. Just say that!

Pre-Listen Guess: Whenever the back of an audio book says "A touching coming of age tale" it is almost guaranteed I will hate it. I am guessing this one is no different.

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