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Terminus by Mike Read
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Nov 23, 2011

really liked it

Book Review: Terminus by Mike Read

In recent years, our society has seen some major trends toward secularism. Some groups have even been anti-Christian and anti-religious, attacking any form of religious expression whatsoever in public venues. In the past few months, some openly atheist authors have published books denouncing Christianity.

What if some day this anti-God attitude became law? What would it be like to live in a society that has forgotten about God, where his name cannot even be mentioned? That's the premise of Mike Read's science fiction novel, Terminus. He has recently adapted the book as a screen play.

The book takes place a few generations in the future and is set on a Mars colony and on a space station. In the society of that time, people are only allowed to talk about the physical realm: that which can be seen, touched and felt. All forms of abstract thought, including the spiritual, are forbidden. Day-to-day life for the characters seems gray and tedious without God.

Then hope arrives. Socorro, a beautiful young women with the forbidden knowledge of the spiritual lands at the Mars colony. She begins to share it with one of the male residents, Rick St. James. The book traces the experiences of the couple, their friends and coworkers as they discover God and his Word. This experience transforms their lives as well as exposing them to persecution and danger.

Mike's book is an interesting read as the characters discover the simple pleasures of prayer, Bible reading, fellowship and God's presence in their lives, developing their own terminology for these spiritual phenomena. His novel serves as a warning of what could happen to our society if we are not vigilant, prayerful and on fire for God, including passing this zeal on to the next generations. I'm not just saying this because Mike is my friend and fellow author. His book is worth reading and thinking about.

At the same time, I see many examples of what I believe is the Christian church re-awakening, re-discovering our spiritual roots and returning to Jesus. We've all read the end of THE book and we know what happens. We win. Big time. God is capable of doing all of this without us but he really wants us to experience the joy of working with him.

-- Frank Lewandowski


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