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Save Me by Cecy Robson
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The O'Briens like to talk. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. Seriously, there is so much dialogue in the first three chapters of this book I started skimming. That said, it's highly entertaining dialogue, and Seamus won me over right from the start (now his sister Wren, I wanted to gag with a big ole piece of wedding cake. Shut it already, woman! — Although she did eventually win me over).

Quote from the story (banter between brothers):
There are a few grays on my temples, too, but for some reason the chest hair seems to bother him more. “I don’t know. A few years ago. It’s what the ladies call dignified.”
They really don’t. More to the point, they say things like, “Ride me, cowboy” or “faster, my probation officer will be here soon.”

He's definitely a ladies man who attracts the sort his ma wouldn't approve of. And he's in no hurry to settle down, but now that he's the last single sibling left, the pressure is on. And he can't bring just any woman to his sister's wedding. No, she needs to be respectable, someone new.

Quote from the story (Seamus looking at his date options):
One, I definitely can’t call because I accidentally made out with her mother. I know what it sounds like, but you ain’t perfect either.

The first several chapters heap stress upon stress on poor Allie and Seamus, and that stressed me out, making the book a little difficult to get into. Allie's family is completely heartless and unreasonable, something I had a hard time relating to (or putting up with). And while Seamus is a little clueless, he's definitely not stupid, so watching him work through awkward social situations is a little cringe-inducing and a lot entertaining.

Quote from the story (heroine's perspective, being tutored in "sexy" by Seamus):
“And what the hell did I say about practical, respectable, and demure? You were supposed to be taking notes.”
And I did, at our first lunch together and practically every get-together following that. I groan, begrudgingly remembering what should now be our official mantra. “Practical, respectable, and demure won’t get me laid.” I mutter.
“Won’t get you laid by the right guy,” he clarifies. He holds out his hands in desperation. “Baby, I’m doing this for you. I want you to get the kind of man who doesn’t need a little blue pill to get going, or help changing his Depends. You want that, too. Don’t you?”

This story is a little tongue in cheek, and it's a bit shocking at first, but it didn't take me too long to find it kind of adorable. I read a lot of romance, and I skip around to different authors pretty often, so even though I've experienced Cecy Robson's chaos-and-tears storytelling style, I always forget about it till it whops me again, and I'm sniffling all over my pillow. Save Me has a scene that sneaks up on you in the best way, and fans of previous stories in the series will probably cry like babies. Save Me wraps up the O'Brien series with all the laughs, tears, and feels you'd expect. Even if you haven't read the previous stories, you can jump right in and watch Seamus's hilarious antics and Allie's self-transformation into a strong, independent woman.

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