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They Thirst by Robert McCammon
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Jun 06, 2008

really liked it
bookshelves: horror
Read in June, 2008

I really enjoyed this book, enough to put it up there in the ranking of top 5 vampire books I have read. I thought the plot was interesting (though not new) the characters were very real, the vampires monstrous, and the outlook bleak.

Short Summary: LA is having a rough time: hoodlums are coming in from all over, a serial killer named "The Roach" is on the loose, someone has been robbing cemeteries of their caskets, and people are disappearing left and right. Some are muttering under their breaths the unspeakable - Vampires. Their numbers double nightly and their king has just moved into town, like a plague of locusts they have descended and threaten to bring the apocalypse of humankind.

As I said previously, this book will not be for everyone. First of all, there is a HUGE cast in this book, and you are introduced to all of them one by one... they are very easy to lose track of and when he switches back to them later, it takes a while for your brain to catch on to who the character is (oh YEAH, this is that guy that owns the coffin factory from 15 chapters ago!)

Second, McCammon uses a lot of description, now I love that about him but others will consider it needless and boring. It just depends on your taste. He is nowhere near as bad as Anne Rice and her 17 pages describing a candle flame, or King's recent longwindedness (not his older books, his newer ones). But still, I can't imagine my ADHD husband being able to sit through the book.

Third, the ending... I pondered on this for a while, don't worry I won't give it away, other than to say some people will find it very satisfying and others will feel cheated. After thinking about it for a while, I decided that I liked it because in an end of the world story a little "deux ex machina" is necessary.

In all this book could have been a bit more accessable if he had cut some of the more needless characters out... sure they added a bit to the atmosphere, but in the end they really added very little to the story, for example the "coffin maker" bit could have been left out completely and cut almost 40 pages from the book.

Still as I said before, I personally really enjoyed it and put it up there with "Salem's Lot" and "Children of Night" in my vampire book rankings... it's no "Dracula" but it is a fun read.

Rated PG-13/R for sex, profanity, and lots of violence of the vampire variety.
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