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Bound by Donna Jo Napoli
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Nov 22, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: foot-binding

This book is OK so far, just OK.
I'm not highly interested or taken with it so far. Pg 32

Well I was very sickened by this scene. It was gross and grim. Pg 40

It might just be me but Xing-Xing has no personality at all really. More like a doll you can order around and it'll do anything you want. She's not angry about anything, only sad for animals. Very dull. Pg 86

I'm begining to think the raccoon part was not even needed. Just put in to take up space, well I'm sure other things could have been made up to make it a bit better. Apparently not.

Pg 158, this is totally unrealistic. No one could eat so much food, also where did she get her money for all this food? Hmm...

Pg 161 is highly disappointing. Wives were nit sold openly. This is somewhat insulting to the Chinese as if willynilly they sold wives. Only if a wife commuted adultery was she sold and often to that man. Otherwise I'm pretty sure it was illegal.

Also it would be IMPOSSIBLE for Xing-Xing with unbound feet to ever put on a shoe belonging to her mother. They were made differently and bound feet were to be sewn as perfect at a mere 3 inches. I'm pretty sure a girl with normal feet does not have 3 inch feet. I know it's fiction, but it's just not possible for the shoe to fit.

Pg 180, you know what really gets me going? Getting insulted by a man!!! Oh yeah!! Yup dislike this book.

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