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City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare
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Nov 22, 2011

really liked it

Throughout this book, and this series overall, I think that one big theme that has come up is that although facing challenges often leads to more problems, the sense of accomplishment that you gain is worth it. For example, Clary faces some physical challenges, such as fighting demons. And more demons come after her of course, but over time she grows stronger and more confident, she feels that she finally fits in with Alec and all of the other Shadowhunters. That, is a good example of my theme for I can guarantee that Clary would fight thousands of demons more just to keep her bond with her friends that she finally accomplished. Another example of a sense of accomplishment coming from facing your problems is Jace. Jace fights lots of mental battles, (yet lots of physical ones as well) and one of the biggest mental challenges he has faced is standing up to and on the verge of killing his father. Im sure that Jace has been angry at himself and fighting battles inside of himself over not killing his father the first time, for he constantly blames himself for the people who have dies at his fathers hand. Jace thought of himself as weak. But then, when Jace found he was able to actually kill his father, he must've felt that he accomplished something by conquering his fears and standing up to them. My final example of facing your problems giving you a sense of accomplishment is Alec. Alec had been facing lots of emotional barriers for he was gay, and he didn't want to release his true feelings, which is obviously hurtful for the man that he liked. But then, slowly, Alec started to destroy those barriers. And finally, he let them go in front of everyone by showing his true feelings when he kissed who he loved. So he got rid of that initial problem, but now he has to face the problem of everyone else's judgement. I doubt he cares, for he feels happy, less stressed, and more accomplished now that he did let go. In conclusion, I think that a big theme that has come up in this book is that although facing challenges often leads to more problems, the sense of accomplishment that gain is worth it.

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