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Traitor Born by Amy A. Bartol
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This is probably a 2.5/5 too but it was better than the first so I rounded up instead of rounding down.

As I mentioned in one of my updates I feel awkward reviewing books like this because I know I couldn't do any better, and I also know I'm not the target demographic. Still, it was free on KU and the plot has been compelling enough to keep me engaged.

This review will contain spoilers so stop reading now if that bothers you.

I'll start with the things I didn't like that way this review ends with the positives. At times the writing was a little repetitive, and what made the repetition even more noticeable was how it carried over from the first book. For example, the descriptions of muscles on all the men Roselle respects or is romantically involved with. You can tell who the good guys are because they're hot and muscular. You can tell who the bad guys are because they're pure evil, usually less attractive, and very immature. Also, most people are blonde. It's not that big of a deal but it just catches my attention how even some throwaway characters who don't even need a physical description "brush their blonde hair out of their face."

I was also not a fan of the love interests (it's now a long quadrangle). Clifton, Hawthorne, and Reykin are all practically the same character because the most important thing about them is their combat competence and their physical appearance.

The villains are flat (most of the characters are) but they are still just evil for the sake of being evil.

Roselle is too perfect. She is able to kill an entire hoard of enemies at a costume party and come out with only a couple fractured ribs. Then when Clifton gives her this special body armor she is bested by two guards but is miraculously saved because of the armor. There's really no conflict because it's clear if Roselle wanted to she could kill everyone at once with ease, and I don't understand the connection she feels with her mom because we never actually saw any relationship (or lack thereof) we were just told Roselle was ignored and her mom hates her. I just mean I feel nothing for her dilemma because I never shared the same hope she had that their family would be reunited.

The only thing that gets in Roselle's way is her own naivety and it's kind of annoying because it's so out of character. She goes from this overpowered demi-god to a bumbling idiot when it's convenient for the plot or the romantic sub-plot.

It is entertaining though and there were pockets of good writing. Again I feel like I shouldn't be saying that because Bartol produced something better than I could.

As long as the third book is available on KU I will finish the series.
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May 4, 2018 –
15.0% "Again there’s that potential that keeps me going but something just feels off. I thought the love interest felt forced in the first book, now it feels like there’s going to be a love triangle."
May 4, 2018 –
33.0% "Is there really a dry hump scene at the party while Roselle is on her way to see her dad?"
May 4, 2018 –
45.0% "Spoilers:
Have you ever played dynasty warrior? One hero is capable of killing an entire army. That’s what this book is. Roselle just killed an entire “hoard” of enemies without even breaking a sweat."
May 4, 2018 –
77.0% "It’s entertaining but Roselle is such an annoying MC. Simultaneously a little miss perfect killing machine but then naive as hell when it’s convenient for the plot. She’s either too perfect or stupid. No in between throughout the book."
May 4, 2018 –
85.0% "As usual spoilers:

I feel awkward writing reviews for books like this because I know 1) I'm not the target audience and 2) I couldn't do any better but it really bugs me how Roselle is able to kill a small army all on her own one day, then conveniently struggle with two guards/assassins the next. It felt like it was a scene written just to show off how high tech her new armor is."
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