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Flawless by Scott Andrew Selby
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Nov 21, 2011

really liked it
Read in November, 2011

This was certainly interesting, and entertaining. Leonardo Notarbartolo is a small time Italian crook and he, along with several crook buddies (who form an informal organization called the School of Turin) plan to rob a vault in Antwerp's Diamond District. Just like the cover says, it's all very "Ocean's Eleven". There's the electronics guy, the supply guy, the charismatic leader guy.

And they are so close to getting away with it when just a couple of bad coincidences tie them to the crime. And the funny thing is, you really want them to get away with it. It's so shocking, and so unexpected that this vault in the Diamond District was robbed that you really root for the crooks (see - I told you it was like "Oceans Eleven").

So, Notarbartolo and a few other guys go to prison for a short stint, but never ever admit that they have the diamonds. The millions of dollars in diamonds are still missing to this day and the author points out that a few years in prison was probably worth it to them, since they will someday presumably be living in luxury off their diamond heist.

The only slow parts of the book were when the authors exhaustively described the layout of the street and vault - it takes a lot of planning to rob a joint, did you know? Although after having read this book I feel like I have the know how to rob one of my own. Now - to just assemble a team. Anyone interested?
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