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One More Time by Laurelin Paige
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it was amazing

4.5 Stars ~ Reviewed by Emma-Louise on behalf of KFF

Second chance romance and a new Laurelin Paige book, boy, how did I get so lucky?

‘“Unprofessional and inappropriate category, Tanner” I snip, lashing out against the feeling in my chest that’s squeezing my heart. The feeling that despite all my big talk about professionalism, what I really want is to be lost in his arms, just one more time.

Set in good ol’ Tinsel Town, One More Time is a second chance romance with so much tension and chemistry it could knock the socks off anyone!

‘A tear slips down my face. I’m a mess inside with conflicting emotions from his latest confession. On the hand, he’s so dumb. The idea that I’d be better at anything without him is ludicrous’

Jenna and Tanner met when they were just kids, both living in the spotlight at a young age and then in time leaning on each other for support. Fast forward ten years and they haven’t been face-to-face since their split. Jenna feels betrayed; the hostility she emits toward Tanner is palpable. But what does he expect knowing what she thinks she knows.

‘How many times can I remind myself that I wanted this? That I asked for—no, insisted on—it?
At least as many times as I’ve wished things were different today’

Jenna and Tanner attempt to come to some sort of compromise so that they are able to work together. The emotions that these two harbour for each other (both good and bad) affect every aspect of their day-to-day. The funniest piece of this book can be summed up with one word…Walter! He’s Jenna’s best friend and he is so hilarious; loud and proud and totally committed to Jenna, and at times I wondered if he should be committed. Especially considering I know only too well he’ll glam up his straight jacket in no time at all.

This author has the ability to weave events forward whilst ratcheting up the emotional impact on the poor reader. Blending colours together like a seasoned artist.

“I can’t read your mind, Jenna” he’d say. “You have to tell me how you feel, even if you’re afraid it’s going to make me mad. You’re safe with me. We’ll figure this out.”

He made me feel like I could take risks because he would be there to pick me up if I fell. And he always was—right until he wasn’t.

‘I love how I affect her. How I can make her shiver and moan and writhe. How I can make her use my name like it’s a curse and then like it’s a prayer. It does more for my ego than any award of public recognition could.’

This book is based in the same world as Hot Cop and Porn Star and I loved those two very, very much. How could anyone now? I just have to make comment on the cover to this delicious read. Whoever picked the models did a fantastic job and the way they look at each other sucked me in as quickly as the words inside did. This is as the blurb says; a ‘scorching, heart-tugging’ book. I couldn’t get enough!

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