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The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June by Robin Benway
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Nov 20, 2011

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It is officially safe to say I read this book without actually taking the time to learn what it is about. I saw it was about three sisters, with cute names and assumed contemporary YA. Nope, there were definitely super powers involved here. I kind of wish it had been contemporary instead. Not that it was a bad super power book, but there are sooo many better done super power books out there now, that this book could have stood out from the pack more by taking away all traces of mind reading, invisibility and er… future seeing?

Anyone who reads fantasy expects at least decently established background to the reason behind super powers. So these three sisters each having a unique ability, without ever really saying why, can be a little unfulfilling. Yes, they mention it was probably genetic, but the explanation was barely touched on and not at all significant to the story line.

That being said, anyone who doesn’t read a lot of fantasy will probably find this story very cute, charming and a fun read. Which it was (once you get past the other stuff). The bond between the sisters is extremely realistic, and honestly the way each of these three girls comes into their own would probably stand up on it’s own without all of the extra hocus pocus thrown in.

Overall, recommended as a quick, light read that you just need to try not to over think. It’s still absolutely worth a read (can you tell like I feel I may have overdone the criticism). Probably best suited to lazy days on the beach during summer, or one of those days where your siblings are just driving you completely mental!

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